Book Review Tumble by Adriana Locke

Mar 072020

Tumble (Dogwood Lane Series #1) by Adriana Locke

A Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestseller.

From USA Today bestselling author Adriana Locke comes a witty romance about first love and second chances.

After being burned by her dream job in New York City, sports journalist Neely Kimber suddenly finds herself jobless and paying a long-overdue visit to her hometown in Tennessee. Her plan? Relax, reset, and head back up the corporate ladder. There’s just one unexpected step. Neely’s back in Dogwood Lane for barely a day when she sees the man she ran from nine years ago: the bad boy next door who was her first kiss, her first love, and her first heartbreak.

Devoted single dad Dane Madden knows he hurt Neely in the worst way. He’s got a lot to make up for. And as passionate as their reconnection is, it’s a lot to hope for. Having her back in his arms feels so right. But falling in love all over again with a woman who wants to live a world away is bound to go so wrong.

What’s it going to take for Neely to give him—and Dogwood Lane—just one more chance?

Title: Tumble (Dogwood Lane #1)
Author: Adriana Locke
Publication Date: February 16th, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (279 pages)
Rating: 9/10

If I have a book with a single dad, raising a little princess, I am completely sold.

This was the case with Tumble, a book where Dane stole my heart.

Neely fled her hometown because she was heartbroken over a mistake Dane did. 10 years later, after she stupidly resigned her job over a work-related situation, she took a flight home.

Here, she is faced with her past and all the friends she left behind. Her struggle is between a New York hectic life and a small-town life, where things slow down and she can actually live for once.

Things are not easy, Dane is still the one that stole her heart, broke it, but never returned it. Their chemistry is hard to fight, especially when she is pulled by the little girl who calls Dane, Daddy.

This was an easy read, one that made me what to binge the whole series.

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