Book Review The Sterling Boys by CM Owens

Apr 102019

The Sterling Boys (The Sterling Shore Series #3) by CM Owens

A love that never came to be, a letter that ruined it all, and secrets that shred and heal…
Rain Noles left Sterling Shore to break free from the painful life she had, but she left behind the man she loved, expecting him to come after her. When he didn’t, resentments festered, and Rain lost faith in the love she felt couldn’t have been stronger.

Dane Sterling watched his best friend walk away, but he assumed it was only temporary. He didn’t realize she was walking out of his life. And now she’s back in Sterling Shore and his life.

Life has a way of creating a path for fate to travel. Despite their buried resentments, Dane is there when Rain needs someone the most. But as much as life gives, it also takes away. It’s only the strong who brave worst times.

Title: The Sterling Boys
Author: CM Owens
Publication Date: September 20th, 2014
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (241 pages)
Rating: 10/10

With The Sterling Boys the show is really starting! As I’ve said before, this series will focus on the Sterling boys, but with Hooked on the Game and Tagged & Ashed, they are slowly introduced one by one.
I cannot say enough how gorgeous this human being is at writing this series, and every time someone asks for a favorite of mine, this series comes instant in my head.

To top it all up, the following books keep getting better and better, and funnier.

Dane Sterling, yes, we’ve met him before, mostly in Raya and Kade’s book, Hooked on the Game, but now his time has come to shine. He is still in love with Rain Noles and has been since they were 13 years old, but life got in the way, and they stupidly became estranged when she left for collage and he thought she left him. The worst part is that she left a letter, but that did not get to him, so she now thinks he did not love her.

Rain is a romance writer, and she decides to move back home after 6 long years, because she lost her inspiration. She fears seeing Dane again, especially since they have to share the guys. Just from the beginning, it’s too hard for them to not be close, since feelings are still raw and needy.

This book is close to my heart since Rain is a Cancer survivor and that hits too close to home. There are some motivational speeches written here that brought some tears to my eyes.

Rain is one truly funny girl and there will be some seriously lough out loud moments! I still remember the first time I’ve read this series and got banned from bed because I kept waking up my husband.

To summer up, in this book we meet Corbin, Maverick, Dale, Kode, Tria (Rain’s evil sister gone good) and Britt, Dane’s sister who is socially awkward, but funny as hell. Erica leaves Wren. Some wedding bells will ring loud but no spoilers there.

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