Book Review The Ruthless by J. Bree

Apr 162021

The Ruthless (Queen Crow #2) by J Bree

Everything has changed.
The time away from my family was supposed to be about finding myself, finding out who I am now that I am free, but nothing in our world is easy and some lessons are the hardest to learn.
I can’t trust anyone.
With two open spots on the Twelve that have to be filled, loyalties won’t just be tested, they’ll be pushed to the limits. No one is safe once they step into the Game.
All of my dreams of leaving high school and my family being free seem like a distant memory now, the shadows of our pasts still hanging over our every move. Sticking together has never been so hard.
But one thing is for sure.
Nothing will ever be the same again.
Publication date : March 17, 2021

HA!… I thought I was smart to read book 1 after book 2 came out but I can’t avoid the cliffhanger for this one. And it’s brutal.

But the series is so worth it. I know it’s long to wait until July. I was left in a bad mood when I finished it but in serious awe with J. Bree. She is brilliant and the complexity of the story and how in depth her character development marks … it hits every emotion you may have.

I feel like I am sucked into the story, a little lost and wanting to keep up with their word because this is a new one. Hannaford had the Jackal to worry, but now… a lot of players on the board.

Anyway, fantastic series… fantastic characters, loved the fact that Avery picks both the Crow and the Stag. What I most enjoy is that they are enemies, and Atticus is not willing to share the object of his madness. A lot of secrets come out, more secrets left in the dust… and the cliffhanger leaves you begging for at least one more page to know more.

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