Book Review The Pack by Kristin Coley

Nov 282020

The Pack (The Pack #1) by Kristin Coley

Jess Carter only wants to finish out her senior year of high school. No friends, no boyfriends, and definitely not an insanely hot, overprotective guy who might possibly be her mate. No thanks. She only came to the tiny town of Banks, Idaho to make sure her dad doesn’t do anything too crazy. Like buy the local motel where you pay by the hour.

Dangerous stalkers and a group of students known as the Pack are the opposite of what she plans on, but that doesn’t change the fact that she has zero intentions of getting involved.

At all.
End of story.

Except, the stalkers are after her, the insanely hot guy is one of the high school coaches, and the Pack….well, let’s just say the name suits them.

With nowhere else to turn, Jess must rely on the Pack to protect her, but in doing so, she becomes caught up in a brewing war over territory and power. One that may cost her everything.

Mild language. No cliffhanger. HEA guaranteed.
A paranormal, shifter romance.

I got this book recommended from a FB group and started right away.

It was very good and honestly, the only thing that it has missing is the “hotness factor, but considering that Jess just turned 18 and she was raised in the human world, it’s understandable. Her mate, Dom is a wolf shifter and since meeting him, they couldn’t spend too much time apart. Their relationship will develop slowly but the plot line to the story is enough to keep you going.

It’s a slow burn or a really slow,  slow burn and their story continues in the rest of the series. As a side note, this one doesn’t end up in a cliffhanger so you are safe to try it. And it doesn’t have a sex scene so it might be also appropriate if you have teenagers who you want to introduce to the world of paranormal.

Apart of all of this said above, I LOVED the book. It’s a new author to me and I think I’ll binge read the heck out of this series. It has mystery and possessive Alpha males and a good plot.

PS: after reading this I can say I get the same feeling I usually get after reading Mariana Zapata’s slow burns. The search for those small slips in the beginning or how they struggle to keep their feelings for when the time is right. Just Perfect!!!

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