Book Review The Magic of Betrayal by Britt Andrews

Jun 292021

The Magic of Betrayal (Emerald Lakes #2) by Britt Andrews

I thought I had a lot of questions before.

Finding myself back in Besmet with the demon from my dreams, I’m finding it hard to deny the connection I feel toward him, despite the fact that he’s certifiably insane.

When did my life get so chaotic?

My green magic isn’t stable. My moods aren’t stable. My ex isn’t stable. Gran’s not stable… oh who am I kidding? She’s never been stable, so at least one of us is consistent.

Luckily, I still have my guys; Cam, Fischer, Kai, and maybe Sloane. Honestly, I’m not sure that Sloane is capable of letting someone claim him, but he certainly makes my heart race.

Secrets, lies, and prophecies are coming to light. Hopefully I put my trust in the right people because betrayal on it’s own is terrible, but to be betrayed by those who swore to protect you? That would be devastating…

This is a full-length RH romance, intended for adults 18 and over, which includes MMFMMM content. It ends on a cliffhanger and contains domestic violence including physical, mental, and sexual abuse and other themes that readers may find triggering.

*This is the second book in a paranormal RH series.*

As soon as I finished Book 1 I started immediately. It’s very steamy and it continues that way. We find out more of their characters and how they became the men they are. Saige changes the game and we are in for a ride.

In this book she finds out the truth behind their job and is extremely hurt.

To top it all off, she is part demon and has lots and lots of things to figure it out.

It ends in a cliffhanger but book 3 is already out and I admit I’ve started the first chapter just to get over that part.

I highly recommend this series. There is a rumor there will be 5 books total in this series and book 4 is already up for pre-order, coming out June 30th.

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