Book Review The Alpha’s Pack by Tate James

May 272019

The Alpha’s Pack (Kit Davenport #6) by Tate James:

The time is now.

It seems all I’ve ever wanted was vengeance. I did everything right: I protected my friends, I pushed myself to the limits, and I saved lives. Once upon a time, I was an internationally renowned thief known as The Fox. Nobody knew me. Nobody could catch me.

Nobody but them, my men, my partners in crime. But their love for me, it’s cost them dearly.

Our enemies keep coming for blood. They cut me. They hurt my friends. They push and push to see what will happen.

I’m Kit Davenport, and I’m going to show them what happens.

This is the end.

Title: The Alpha’s Pack (Kit Davenport #6)
Author: Tate James
Publication Date: August 4th, 2018
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Paranormal;
Format: Kindle (315 pages)
Rating: 8/10

Finally Book 6 is here and we get the end of the series! I am happy to have finished it since I got a bit lost during it. Since I have read a lot of Tate James’s books probably, I had more expectations and that is why I feel a bit down.

Overall the series was good, not great, but I am happy to have been through it. Especially since having so many recommendations seen out there. This has happened to me before, to read books that sooooo many people say it’s the most wonderful thing ever, but after reading it, I find it to be less than great.

I feel that the book had very good moments where it could have blown me away if the scene wasn’t that rushed. And don’t get me started on the battle scene! Everything is building up to that moment, so we expected more!

So my conclusion on this book is that it had SO MUCH potential and had it not been rushed when it was really important, would have been a great series.

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