Book Review TearDrop by Tijan

Jul 172019

Teardrop by Tijan

I asked for his criteria for bed buddies–that’s the PG version.
He swore at me and said he didn’t do groupies.
And just like that, our friendship was off to a great start.

Reese Forster was the starting point guard for the Seattle Thunder.
Gorgeous. Cocky. Loved by the nation.
He’s also attending preseason basketball training camp where I used to work.

Correction: where I work again, because I was fired from my last job.
And dumped.
And I might have a tiny bit of baggage, but that’s normal. Right?

Reese and I shouldn’t have become friends.
We shouldn’t have become roommates.
And we really shouldn’t have started sleeping together … (Except we did.)

I’m adorably psychotic. He’s in the NBA.
​This is not a disaster waiting to happen, at all.

Teardrop Shot is a 100k standalone sports romance

Title: Teardrop Shot
Author: Tijan
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Sports;
Format: Kindle (357 pages)
Rating: 10/10

Wow, what a ride! I love when books feel so complete to me, there’s a satisfied feeling about ending a book like this.

Everything about Teardrop Shot had depth in it, and I crave books like this! Charlie (a name I love, by the way) has been hiding for about a year until one of her friends tracked her down and convinced her to return to the camp that she has been working for when she was young. Now, in her late twenties, she has been through a lot!

In the beginning you’ll laugh out loud, maybe bark some laughter! She is hilarious and her lines were really effing smart!

At this camp she meets the team of basketball NBA players Seattle Thunder. The team she has been freaking out! And by team, I mean Reese.

Let me tell you why you should read this! It has everything in it! It’s funny, deep, emotionally draining and so freaking raw, you cannot believe!

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