Book Review Talk Nerdy to Me by CM Owens

May 282020

Talk Nerdy to Me (Sterling Shore #12) by C.M. Owens

Despite the fact it seemed like Base Masters was all over Sterling Shore, I’d never really known much about him, aside from random factoids. Things like… he’s a semi-estranged cousin of one of my brother’s friends, plays guitar in a local band, and he doesn’t get mentioned much unless he’s on stage.

Until… he decided I was going to be his first real-life muse, moved himself into my spare room, and started splashing the walls with pictures of my face next to his lyrics…

His weirdness differs from mine, but he’d be a perfect candidate for my hymen situation. Then I could finally move on to the next personal challenge on my list. The only problem is that he’s yet another man afraid of a virgin.

I genuinely never expected it to be so difficult to lose one’s virginity. I think the world has filled me with false expectations of debauchery coming so easily.

The human element always messes up the plans in my head.

Talk Nerdy To Me is the story of little Brit as she is next for her story.

We’ve known Brit since book 3, when Dane Sterling found out he has a half sister. She is extremely smart, has a memory of a dictionary and is a little bit awkward. Let’s just say she is not used to having social skills.

While we had guesses on things she’s said during the series, now we finally get into her mind.

It’s hilarious and you will love the brotherly love the guys have for her.

In her quest to get rid of her virginity, she stumbles on Base Masters, the solist of the band that plays at Dane’s club and also Tag’s cousin. He doesn’t know what hit him.

Base has been introduced little by little, more so when the girls go to watch him because he is gorgeous.

I am happy that Brit is with Base since they are the characters we’ve seen along the way.

In this book we get the final cliffhangers to the last book: The Wedding. Be sure to give me your thoughts on this one.

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