Book Review Spring Skies Over Bluebell Castle by Sarah Bennett

Apr 022019

Spring Skies Over Bluebell Castle by Sarah Bennett

She wasn’t looking for love…
When Lucie Kennington flees the bright lights of London for the quiet Derbyshire countryside, she’s shocked to discover that the heir to the Bluebell Castle estate is far from the wizened employer she expected.

In fact, Arthur Ludworth might just be the most handsome man Lucie’s ever laid eyes on – and a terrible distraction! So when she stumbles across a legendary painting feared lost for centuries, she can’t believe her luck – perhaps this is the hidden treasure to save Arthur and his family from ruin?

But it’s only a matter of time before Lucie’s past catches up with her and by then it’s too late, she’s falling for him…

Perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley, Rachael Lucas and Hilary Boyd.

Book 1: Spring Skies Over Bluebell Castle
Book 2: Sunshine Over Bluebell Castle
Book 3: Starlight Over Bluebell Castle

Title: Spring Skies over Bluebell Castle
Author: Sarah Bennett
Publication Date: April 1st, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; British Literary Fiction;
Format: Kindle (229 pages)
Rating: 7/10

Spring Skies over Bluebell Castle is the sweet story of newly found Baronet, Sir Arthur and Miss Lucinda Kennington. Lucie is an art specialist with a history of sadness and betrayal that still marks her adult life. When troubles come to her workplace and she gets suspended for a crime she did not commit, being suspected of fraud, just like her father, she is forced to carry on with her life.

Arthur Ludworth, Tristan Ludworth and Iggie Ludworth, triplets, have to continue the tradition on their family with their struggling estate and search the help of an expert to try and save what they can by selling their art.

A slowly, sweet romance blossoms between the two of them, but when a rare painting surface, Lucie knows she has to remove herself in order to avoid suspicion in the world of art, if she involves herself.
The book had nice characters, it’s the first of its series, and will continue, probably, with the rest of the triplets. It also had a little bit an intrigue, not major heart stopping dramatic situations, just predictable in a way you will to read the rest and see how everything will unfold.

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