Book Review Sidetracked by S.T. Abby

Jul 092019

Sidetracked (Mindf*ck Series Book 2) by S.T. Abby

They always want to break me, but I’m too strong now. Untouchable.
Or at least I was…until her.


I’ve had tunnel vision for one main goal for so long, that I forgot there was a whole other world just outside. Until Lana.

She’s everything I never expected, and I love the fact I can never guess her every move or reaction. It’s part of the reason I keep falling. But I also know she shuts me out, hides things from me she feels she can’t share.

One day, I hope she trusts me enough to share.

It isn’t until my job puts her at risk that I realize just how fierce she is, but it doesn’t stop me from doing all I can to protect her. I should walk away to protect her better, but I can’t. Instead, I’m forced to find other ways to keep her safe.

I just hope it’s enough.

Though she is fierce, she’s still fragile…


**Adult language
**Very small moral compass
**Read at your own risk, because I’m not forcing you to warp your mind

Title: Sidetracked (Mindf*ck #2)
Author: S.T. Abby (Pen Name for CM Owens)
Publication Date: December 5th, 2016
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (98 pages)
Rating: 10/10

Sidetracked is the second book from the Mindf*ck Series which goes on to become better and better. I finished the whole series in one sitting, because I knew I had to have a day off for it, without anyone to bother me.

I took my time reading this and I was not disappointed. Lana is quickly becoming my dark FMC and Logan, oh Logan… I can’t wait to unravel all the secrets and see how this story will end. That’s the thing with this author, you never see it coming!

While they try to find time to spend with each other, there’s another serial killer who becomes a problem for Logan, while trying to target his weakness, Lana. The best part is that she’s not a damsel in distress as everyone thinks she is. Worst part is that Hadley is there to witness everything. I don’t get into spoilers; this is just to pique your interest and see for yourself what this will mean for Lana.

Again, there’s cliffhangers on every book, because why not! I am so addicted to this series, it’s no joke!

It’s hard to learn all the dark into Lana’s past and what they did to her and her family.

Please, for your own good, if you like dark and twisted romance, do not overlook this series.

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