Book Review Rock Star, Interrupted by S.M. Shade

Oct 302019

Rock Star, Interrupted (Tragic Duet #1) by S.M. Shade

I found my stillness, my space between breaths, when I was a kid. The answer is simple. If it hurts, I pour music on it.
After years of hard work, it’s finally happening. Tragic has a number one album and we’ve gone from being discussed as one hit wonders to hearing words like meteoric mentioned alongside our name.
With two tours planned and another album on its way, we have a lot to look forward to. Playing in a different city every night, the shimmer and roar of the crowd, after parties and endless women.
My lifelong dream is in the palm of my hand until one phone call leaves everything hanging in the balance.

Title: Rock Star, Interrupted (Tragic Duet #1)
Author: S.M. Shade
Publication Date: October 29th, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Rock Star Romance;
Format: Kindle (229 pages)
Rating: 10/10

You know the feeling when the hair from the back of your head raises after a cliffhanger.

Damn it, this was me 1 minute ago.

Let me explain it better:

I hate it, because SM Shade made me loooove Axton and I did not like him in the beginning. Like, he was more than what he turned out to be.

And the cliffhanger… Jesus… you’re in for a treat because this is not your usual rock star romance. NOPE! Beware of the f*cking plot twists!!!!

Oh, and that comes after you stop for a bit and ask “What the double F happened?”

All in all, this is what I am able to say at this moment. I freaking loved the book.

I just can’t wait for the 2nd book since this is a duet.

Let me tell you a bit about the story, without any spoilers. Axton Todd has just found out he’s a dad.

A moment could not be worst for him, because he’s in the middle of an album release, or major tours and festivals, so he doesn’t have time for a kid.

Major dushbag alert, because that’s what Axton was in the beginning. I now he had some family issues, but he stepped up the game.

In comes the nanny (Naomi) who will literally save his life. He fights his attraction on her, but soon they break loose and end up spending a night together.
Another major asshole move on him, but he will make up for it.

BUT, around 80% you start to realize there’s more to the story and que cliffhanger.

Again, this is not your usual rock star romance or nanny romance, because secrets are about to reveal themselves.

Rock Star, Interrupted

Rock Star, Unbroken

review soon


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