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Mar 182019
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Title: Rock Chick Revenge
Author: Kristen Ashley
Publication Date: April 24th, 2011
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (496 pages)
Rating: 9/10

Rock Chick Revenge comes along with Ava Barlow and Luke Stark as the next couple in line. They have been knowing each other since they were little. Ava had a massive crush on him, but Luke had a different path in life. They reconnect many years later, when she needs help of his PI skills in order to help her friend Sissy Vincetti. She has sworn off men and wants revenge on Dom Vinvetti, Sissy’s husband.

“He isn’t my man.”
“Girl, it don’t matter you don’t think he is, he thinks he is. Therefore in Badass Motherfucker Land, that means he is.”

I had a bit mixed feeling on this one regarding Luke. I know the hot bunch moves fast on women, but felt uncomfortable on a couple of things, especially his relationship with Jules, even though we know about her and Vance. From my point of view, Ava responded hurt to Luke’s situation with Jules and Roxie too, acting out. Furthermore, I did not like how the events of Ava’s troubles turned out.

We meet Ren Zeno (his book is Rock Chick Revolution), who is in love with Ava. Luke does not like that, but considering the girls are fond of Uncle Zeno, they are considered family. For me, this is a new connection with the Rock Chick gang and another very well-connected family. Let’s just say I’m looking forward on Ren and Alley’s story!!!!

Ava Barlow was looked down her whole life because she was fat and wearing glasses, her dad left, and her 2 sisters were hell for her. During an overheard conversation, she made the decision to lose weight. Luke has always been on her mind, but I wanted more from him. He felt a bit superficial to me in the beginning.

On a side note, I had fun reading this one too, especially the WTF moments you would not expect. Furthermore, we find out Mace had a thing with the singer, Stella and their story is next in Rock Chick Reckoning.

“The phone at my ass started ringing, I leaned forward and pulled it out.
“Don’t answer that,” Noah ordered.
“Fuck you,” I shot back, saw the display said “Luke calling” and flipped it open.
“Babe,” Luke replied.
“I’ve been kidnapped again,” I informed him.
“I know. I’m following.”

By the way, the end brings a wedding, and it’s not Indy and Lee’s. Excited much?

Rock Chick Reawakening

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Rock Chick Redemption

Rock Chick Renegade

Rock Chick Revenge

Rock Chick Reborn

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Rock Chick Reckoning

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