Book Review Rock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley

Mar 182019
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Title: Rock Chick Redemption
Author: Kristen Ashley
Publication Date: November 8th, 2010
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (426 pages)
Rating: 9/10

I knew Rock Chick Series was a fun read, but I was surprised how much fun I really had during Rock Chick Redemption. The hilarious moments come when you have read the previous books and laugh at the private jokes among the guys when a new chick comes “home”, how they react to Lee’s crew, or how they react when they find out they have surveillance on the bookstore.

“It looked like GQ was having a convention and all the best looking guys had decided to have a coffee at Fortnum’s before going to seminars on how to cope with being really, unbelivably, fucking gorgeous”
“and then…
“It was like Fortnums was For Gorgeous People Only. They needed a sign so normal people wouldn’t wander in unwittingly and develop immediate inferiority complexes.”

Hank Nightingale was not one of my favorite characters until now, but I guess Roxie helped too. She clearly fits the nut crew like a glove. She comes armed with trouble and stubborn as hell.
You should be aware that these books are a bit more based on this insta-love because the couples easily move so fast, mostly because trouble is knocking on the door, and the men are pretty much in sync with their desire to explore that. The fun part is to see the girls resisting so much. Just like Tex said, all the men need to act fast to grab them.

Roxie has troubles breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. She has been planning her escape 3 years ago, but he still comes back. Her uncle, Tex, is her only option. Clearly things change when she walks in at Fortnum’s and Hank sees her.

““Fuck! ” I shouted and everyone at the espresso counter looked over at us. “Half a million dollars?” Lee dropped his foot and turned to me. “Roxie, calm down.”

“Half a million dollars and he bought me cheese puffs and took me to that sleaze bag motel? I’m gonna fucking kill that motherfucker!” I yelled.

“Roxie –”

I slammed my fists on my knees. “The least he could have done was bind my wrists with VELVET ROPE. He sure could have afforded it. Stupid jerk.”

In the last scene we meet the girl for Vance and that introduction is worth the interest in digging out who she is. I can’t wait to see how her story and Vance’s unfolds.

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