Book Review Rock Chick Reckoning by Kristen Ashley

Mar 182019

Rock Chick Reckoning (Rock Chick #6) by Kristen Ashley

Stella’s the lead singer and lead guitarist of The Blue Moon Gypsies and Stella used to be Mace’s girl. Mace broke up with her, though, and the loss of him rocked her world. But Stella gets a call, late at night (again) from one of the members of her crazy band. She has to go play clean up (again) and runs into Mace and a shed load of police, and ends up getting shot.

Mace finds he doesn’t like it much that his ex-girlfriend got shot right in front of him but it’s worse. A very bad man has thrown down the gauntlet and all the Rock Chicks are in the firing line. Stella doesn’t want Mace to be the one to keep her alive, but she has no choice. Mainly because Mace isn’t giving her one.

Title: Rock Chick Reckoning
Author: Kristen Ashley
Publication Date: November 13th, 2011
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Second Chance Romance;
Format: Kindle (484 pages)
Rating: 9/10

Rock Chick Reckoning is a second chance book for Mace and Stella. But even though every book so far was from the Rock Chick POV, now we get into Mace’s POV and other characters. This is a nice change since there has been war declared when Sid came shooting at the guy’s women.

“I had to soften him up because, for whatever reason, all the Rock Chicks had an alternate Hot Bunch guy, Indy’s was Eddie. Roxie’s was Vance. Jules was Luke. Ava’s was Lee. Mine was Mace.”
I feel this book gave a chance for them all to reconnect. Mace and Stella had a 6 months relationship, were they fell for each other, but did not let themselves in. they were guarded, and Mace wanted more, so he left her. But this second time around, they started to open up, especially in face of danger.

Stella is a singer and a good one. I enjoyed the music while reading this book. I’m a rock chick at heart too. I highly recommend you do that since it adds up to the atmosphere of the world of Kristen Ashley’s.
In Rock Chick Reckoning all the rock chicks are in danger, since a war was declared to the whole clan. We finally learn Mace / Kai’s story and his family. His mom, Lana will end up with Indy’s father, Tom.
Giving them multiple POVs I felt like this one was the end, even if we know Hector and Sadie, Ally and Ren are next. Especially the epilogue at the end featuring Ava 5 years later, giving us a preview of Gracie, Ava and Luke’s baby daughter and her breaking the news that they are expecting again.

Herb nodded. “Problem is, you knocked up your girl. That’s the only way women’ll allow you to get away with a Justice of the Peace.” Herb looked back to Hank as many of the men coughed to hide their laughter. “That’s the ticket, son, only way to save us all. Start workin’ on makin’ a baby.”

We also learn that Indy and Lee have Callum. They had a scare while delivering her baby boy. A year later, she was expecting again, a baby girl named Alison “Suki”.
Vance and Jules had Max, Sam and Harry.
Hank and Roxie have Leah and Tex.
Ren and Ally have Katie.
Jet and Eddie have Alex, Dante and Cesar.
Hector and Sadie have Lola and Gus.
Stella had become a big deal with awards and all. Mace kept working for Lee for a while, but after Stella and the band got big news, he left to join them. He started his own security detail in LA with more badass, macho men to employ. She also had a baby, named Tallulah.

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