Book Review Rich Prick by Tijan

Jun 162020

Rich Prick by Tijan

Rich Prick, an all-new unforgettable, opposites-attract romance by New York Times bestselling author Tijan, is releasing June 15th, and we have the irresistible cover!


He walked into school on his first day and owned it.
I guess that’s what happens when you’re a prick, rich, and you’re best friends with the ruling school’s king.
Also didn’t hurt he’s drop dead gorgeous.

That’s all fine.
I mean, I have nothing to do with them.
I’m a loner, invisible, and that’s how I wanted it to be.

I was even proud of it, until I wasn’t.

Until I saw a girl kneel before him.
Until I couldn’t look away.
Until he caught me watching.

His name is Blaise Devroe. My name is Aspen Monson.
He only knew how to get, command, and demand attention.
I knew how to do everything but that.
And this is our story.

*Rich Prick is a full 100k standalone.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I am a Tijan fan right? You have a lot of books to choose from and I enjoyed most of them to the point of re-reading some. She has a lot to choose from and if you’re a newbie, keep in mind that Aspen and Blaise’s book is connected to Fallen Crest, but can be read as a standalone.

Aspen is the invisible girl. She goes unnoticed and has come to the conclusion that she needs no friends. She catches the eye of Blaise by mistake and he’s a lost man after that. I loved how protective of her he was from the start, feeling things he did not know, and making her a priority even if his life was coming apart.

The books written by Tijan makes you FEEL deep inside what she meant for her characters and you have no other choice but to love and cheer for them. The story seems real and not just rom-com real, but with damaged characters who come from damaged families. As expected, in her books you always wait for the other show to drop.

To sum up, it was a fantastic read and it made me want to start Fallen Crest series ASAP. That should tell you things. I usually review my feelings after reading a book, and this one left me consumed and happy by the end.

I can’t want to read her next books set in this world and looking forward to Zeke’s story. He will be a treat, for sure!

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