Book Review Resented by Amelia Rademaker

Nov 232020

Resented (Wolves of Black Bird Book 2) by Amelia Rademaker

Ivy Stevens likes being the only witch in town. Usually. Being the only witch in the town of Black Bird is different. Its full of shifters.

Shifters hate witches, and no one in Black Bird has been shy about hating Ivy. She’s tired of the name calling and the salt circles outside of her apartment door. She just wants to be left alone in her new home.
Too bad her exes, Ezra and Ezekiel Tate, haven’t gotten the hint. They show up wherever she goes.

As tensions rise in Black Bird, they start to wonder if breaking up with her was the right choice or if they’re going to need to start groveling.

When Ivy gets blackmailed into helping the town’s number one enemy, she finds herself with life altering decisions. Cut her losses and leave the citizens of Black Bird to deal with their own problems; or join forces with a Coven of local eccentrics to save the town?

I am on a PNR kick lately and since I just finished the 1st book, I started the 2nd right away. Book 1 is about a rejected mate and I loved it.

YOu meet Ivy there, because she saves the life of Grace, but she is a witch and a fated mate to 2 wolf enforcers. A tricky little bit in their world, since shifters HATE witches.

Now Ivy lives in the pack Ezekiel and Ezra live. They negotiated for her to be a member, but that doesn’t mean  everyone in the pack wants her there.

On top of their personal problems, there are some ancient coven hunters wanting something that is in their territory.  The introduction of that plot was made in book 1 so it is necessary to read it before this one.

I have no idea if there is any plan for future books, but I will read them. Currently the author has released only 2 books, ones that I highly enjoyed.

The only thing that’s bugging me is that it’s written in the 3rd person.

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