Book Review Rejected by Amelia Rademaker

Nov 232020

Rejected (Wolves of Black Bird #1) by Amelia Rademaker

All Grace Copeland wants is a mate.

The good news is that for the last year she’s known that Jack Taylor is her mate. The bad news is that he wants nothing to do with her. When he publicly rejects her, Grace’s world comes crashing down. Humiliated and angry with herself, Grace decides it’s time to get her life in order. Moving to the outskirts of town, she starts rebuilding her family cabin and her life.

Alone in the middle of the woods, Grace becomes the target for a group of untraceable rogue wolves. With her life in danger, she has no choice but to accept help from the man who rejected her.

All Jack Taylor wants is to be left alone.

He definitely doesn’t need a nosy mate like Grace Copeland. Especially when there are rogue wolves attacking local Packs. Jack has better things to do than spending his time avoiding Grace.

When she suddenly moves out of town he should feel relieved but he can’t stop thinking that he made a huge mistake by rejecting her. He also can’t ignore the feeling that she is in danger. The only problem now is that Grace doesn’t want him in her life anymore. With rogues closing in Jack decides she doesn’t have much of choice in the matter.

I am always looking out for new authors to add to my one-click and found this little beauty. This is a rejected mate PNR romance, which I read in one go. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

There is a lot of good things here, the heroine was a bit of everything I like.

When Jack moved to town a year ago, Grace knew she has found her mate. The problem is, so far, he avoided her and during this year, the whole town helped Jack. They thought Grace was making things up and they took his side.

A year is a long time to try and corner him and understand why he is not speaking with her. Why is he rejecting her and after a big awful confrontation, she decides to move on.

The problem is now Jack is in a big pickle. After saying NO outloud, he has the feeling he made a big mistake and seeks her out.

Things to be aware of: the author has only book 1 and 2 out. The plot will go on during the series, but you can read book 1 without fearing a cliffhanger. I hope she writes more because I am intrigued.

I avoid reading books in 3rd person, but if I am interested enough, I read it anyway.

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