Book Review Reign of Brayshaw by Meagan Brandy

Aug 312020

Reign of Brayshaw (Brayshaw #3) by Meagan Brandy

“Trust only those who earn it.”

A sentiment I follow without direction but holds more consequence than ever before.

One decision, five lives, three futures.

This is what’s at stake.

One night, one choice, four broken Brayshaws.

That is where we’re headed.

Unless I stop it.

I have to stop it.

I have to remind him of what he’s chosen to forget.

My town. My choice. MY ending.

When I finish a certain series I have enjoyed beyond everything I never knew I wanted, I will always have this book in mind as to what a kick a** ending needs to be.

Man, Raven… RaeRae was everything!!!

There are a few authors out there that makes my heart stop beating and hurting for the characters i root for and Meagan Brandy is one of them. She is truly one to be read and every single one of her books have substance and meaning. Every word is in there for a reason and you’ll know it when she wants you to understand it.

Maddoc… this is one character I felt. I deeply hurt for him and he will always be the one MC who loves the most. He is my top pick, honestly, and I encourage you to read this over and over because it is one of my favorite series.

The plot is so strong and everything is connected and beautifully written. You will want to put pause on your real world and get a little bit buried in the Brayshaw world.

To make matter worse, Captain’s book will bleed you a little too. Trust me. You want it. You want everything you’ll be getting.

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