Book Review Red Moon Secrets by CM Owens

May 112019

Red Moon Secrets (Deadly Beauties #3) by CM Owens:

Secrets are spilled, lies are revealed, and dark destinies emerge. She’s judged them all – now they’ll be the ones to judge her.

Alyssa is no longer seeing the gray area – she’s living in it. A destiny she never considered is consuming her. Everything ends, and it ends now – no matter what the outcome.

Title: Red Moon Secrets
Author: CM Owens
Publication Date: May 9th, 2019
Shelves: Romance; Paranormal;
Format: Kindle (226 pages)
Rating: 8/10

Alyssa always knew she was too powerful for this world and she was hidden from the immortals as a result. The fact that she is prophesied to become the daughter who can destroy everything is something she refuses to believe. Especially when everyone tells her Gage is her destined one. She loves Kane.

Her confusing love between Kane and Gage kind of irked me, but there is a secret that Gage wants to contain.

I love how the heroine becomes a badass, but her struggle between black and white left me wanting for more. I felt at times that maybe Kane deserved a more honest partner. I would have wanted all the times when she revealed a new power to be with an audience.

The ending felt a little rushed, the final battle quicker to be finished since I had higher expectations. I still enjoyed the series and will continue to read the Deadly beauties live on since there will be individual books for each character we have come to know and love.

These books were written early on and let me tell you how much CM Owens has evolved. Now, her books leave you on the edge of your seat and crazy with mind-blowing theories. My reviews of her books will always be good because I just love her that much. It’s my personal target to read everything she has written.

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