Book Review Playing for Keeps by Kendall Ryan

Apr 132020

Playing for Keeps (Hot Jocks #1) by Kendall Ryan

I’ve never been so stupid in my entire life.

Elise Parrish, my teammate’s incredibly sweet and gorgeous younger sister, should have been off-limits, but my hockey stick didn’t get the memo.

After our team won the championship, our flirting turned physical, and I took her to bed. Then shame sent her running the next morning from our catastrophic mistake.

She thinks I don’t remember that night – but every detail is burned into my brain so deeply, I’ll never forget. The feel of her in my arms, the soft whimpers of pleasure I coaxed from her perfect lips….

And now I’ve spent three months trying to get her out of my head, but I’m starting to understand she’s the only girl I’ll ever want.

I have one shot to show her I can be exactly what she needs, but Elise won’t be easily convinced.

That’s okay, because I’m good under pressure, and this time, I’m playing for keeps.

Title: Playing for Keeps (Hot Jocks #1)
Author: Kendall Ryan
Publication Date: August 13th, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Sports;
Format: Kindle (190 pages)
Rating: 8/10

What happens when you want your best friend’s little sister? More so, what happens when said friend has also put and off limits to her baby sister?

Everything turns upside down one night after Elise Parrish and famous hockey player Justin get drunk and have sex. They have known each other since they were little and Justin spent his days at Owen and Elise’s house.

Elise has had a crush on Justin for a long while, but she never did anything to give her away. Now, Justin questions his playboy days and ends up in bed with the object of his desires.

The story was sweet, enjoyable, but I was not that blown away. I have read Kendall Ryan’s books before and I know this woman can WRITE.

Anyway, this was just book 1, and I’ll change Owen’s book and see how the series unfolds.

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