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May 162019

Play On (Play On #1) by Samantha Young

Aidan Lennox was my sexy Scot; older, worldlier, a music producer and composer. And our connection was undeniable. He made me forget everything I was running from. He unleashed passions I’d stifled for years. He made me need him.

And then he left me.

The agonizing loss of him fired something within me. The anger and hurt pushed me to take back control and reach for my dreams. Now I’ve sworn off romantic entanglements and I’m finally pursuing a career on stage. I’m in a good place.

Or I was until now.

Because Aidan is back and for some reason, he hates me.
He’s threatening everything I’ve worked so hard for.
He’s determined to be at war with me.

And I have absolutely no idea why.

**This is a complete standalone. The Play On Series are books connected by the theme of the arts industry, not by characters.


The New York Times Bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series and Hero returns to Scotland in this passionate and evocative romance about love, loss, and surviving both. 

Nora O’Brien chased a dream from Indiana to Scotland, so sure it was the right thing to do. Three years later she was left in her adopted country with nothing to her name but guilt and regret.

Until Aidan Lennox entered her life.

Older, worldlier, a music producer and composer, the sexy Scot should never have made sense for Nora. But somehow in each other they found the light they were looking for, the laughter and the passion—the strength to play on despite their past losses.

But when life dealt Aidan another unlucky hand, instead of reaching for her he disappeared. The agonizing loss of him inspired something within Nora. It fired her spirit— the anger and hurt pushing her forward to take control and reach for her dreams.

Finally pursuing a career on stage while she put herself through college, everything is how Nora wants it. She’s avoiding heartbreak and concentrating on her goals.

Sounds easy but it’s not. Because Aidan is back. And for some reason he hates Nora.

He’s determined to be at war with her.

And she has absolutely no idea why.

Title: Play On
Author: Samantha Young
Publication Date: September 14th, 2017
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; 
Format: Kindle (426 pages)
Rating: 10/10

Play on is one of my favorite books written by Samantha Young, along with her On Dublin Street Series.

The book is so beautiful written and heartbreaking that while you’ll be reading it, it with all feel as if watching a movie.

Nora O’Brian is one complex heroine that will make you fall for her. She gets rescued by a Scotsman in the States and he marries her right away. They fell in love hard and fast, so she moves away to Scotland with him.

Little did she know that, at 18, love is not what she thought it was and now, four years later, she is trapped again, but in a marriage.

Oh, how much I loved Play On! Especially how she meets Aiden, with his confidence and his undeniable attraction towards her. Everything about this book feels real and Samantha Young did a great job at connecting me with her characters.

Aiden is everything you wish in your Hero! They way he falls, the way he loves is just pure bliss. He is 12 years older, so next to her 22nd he seems much more experienced and well off. Nora will struggle through her demons, her insecurities and finally reaching a point where she will like herself and she will forgive everything she feels responsible of.

Hands down, Play On is one of the best books I have read. Loving Samantha Young right now!

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