Book Review NAKED OR DEAD by A.E. Murphy

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NAKED OR DEAD by A.E. Murphy

Small town, small-minded people, small expectations, and big A-holes.
Lilith Deville is the new enigma at Lakeside Preparatory Academy, a prestigious high school by a river and not a lake, which makes sense, not. Already she hates it despite its beautiful landscape.
Between riding her dirt bike through the sacred lands of the natives, plotting against those she meets, and holding greasy truckers at gunpoint, Lilith makes no time for love or friendship. Forever the walking mystery (read misery) of her new home and school.
That is until Nokosi Locklear catches her eye with his arrogance and a hard, toned body that she’s certain she doesn’t want to climb.
Shoved up against a locker by him in her first week, she sets him in her wicked sights.
Life is only fun when you have somebody else’s pain to focus on. So long as you stay detached. Something Lilith will find is impossible to do when it comes to Nokosi. A guy with looks but no charm. Strength but no power. Love but no morals.
With a serial killer roaming the country taking victims one by one, a past in Nokosi’s eyes that he tries to hide, and a mother that would rather work than keep her daughters happy, Lilith finds plenty of time to spare and plenty of things to keep herself occupied.

Note: This is your only trigger warning. Read at your own risk.

Title: Naked or Dead
Author: A E Murphy
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Dark;
Format: Kindle (358 pages)
Rating: 10/10

These are the most awesome books to review because I need to carefully pick my words. I don’t want to spoiler give anything, but OMG THIS BOOK IS OFF THE CHARTS!

Fair warning, I started reading it in blind, so I did not know what was ahead. The ride was terrified and wonderful, and I don’t know how to feel. I am so heart broken on so many levels after this book, that I will need a few light rom-coms for a while!

So. This is a high school romance, or it appears as it, because Lillith is one twisted mother*cker gorgeous pick haired girl that picks the most arrogant guy in school. She has a secret agenda and she targets boys like him. I stared guessing things from 40% in the book, but I was so wrong on everything.

This books has its fair share of triggers so if you’re into dark and twisted stories, read this ASAP.

Nok is a angry young man and maybe as damaged as Lillith, and they soon fall hard and fast. But Lillith has to move soon, because she and her sister, Willow, have a game they play each place they live.

This is not a book for the light readers, because I am quite shocked, speechless and I want to shout to everyone to read it so we can hug it out.

The ending is debatable so I will not say more, but I hope your curiosity is piqued.

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