Book Review My Warrior by Alanea Alder

Aug 262020

My Warrior (Bewitched and Bewildered #12) by Alanea Alder is being released on August 25th.

Ari Lionhart is the youngest warrior in Èire Danu, yet despite his lack of years, he is trusted by the queen’s consort Brennus to act as the unit leader for every unit in the fae city. He works hard at balancing his life between being a unit warrior and being a Lionhart, and secretly fears he is failing at both. With a genius politician for a father and two older brothers that are shining examples of what it means to be a warrior and an Elder, how can he possibly try to do both with any degree of success.
When their city unexpectedly faces tragedy after tragedy, and a vote of No Confidence is brought before the queen on how these things are being handled, and Ari finds himself facing his greatest fear, failure.
Brie Wilson has been a Deputy Sheriff in Monroe for years. She loves the small town of her birth and the laid back atmosphere that makes it a wonderful and safe place to live. But even small towns have their own quirks and problems. Outside a few exceptions at the station, she pushes daily for her efforts to be recognized by the men on the force. Still smarting over her last break up where her ex likened her to a man, she decides the safest route is to stick to herself and never get her heart broken again.
When these two selfless warriors find one another can they learn to lean on one another before the body count escalates? What does it say about them when it’s easier to face murder than the deepening feelings they have for one another.

I have been waiting a long time for this book to come, and since it has finally arrived I tried to read it as slowly as possible.

Usually I re-read the series before but because of the quarantine days, I have reached my limit of how many books I’ve re-read.

Going in, I felt a bit overwhelmed, because i tried to remember who is who, especially the latest warriors of Èire Danu, so I strongly suggest reading this after going through book 11 for a bit.

Ari Lionhart is the baby and the youngest brother of the Lionheart family. Having Declan and Rex as big brothers has made him being babied a lot, even if now he is one of the most respected warrior in Èire Danu. He meets his mate during a horrific scene where a lot of fae were killed. There comes human Brie Wilson, a deputy and his mate. I love that Brie is such a force and people follow her lead.

I feel like this book has some changes, because it was not the usual save your mate kind of thing, just more information and plot twists for the BIG STORY. Meryn is still being Meryn so nothings has changed in that aspect, but even though we know more and more to the story, questions are still being left unanswered.

Beware of the major cliffy at the end. God, what a cliffhanger. I feel restless already, just thinking how much time until book 13.

So far, today. August 26th, there are no news of any kind regarding the 13th book to come.

PS: Dear Ms. Alanea, can I be your writing buddy? You can stay in bed and I can type whatever you have in mind. I love this series and it brings such joy in my life.

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