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Apr 022019

My Guardian (Bewitched and Bewildered #6) by Alanea Alder

The next chapter in the Bewitched and Bewildered series is about to begin.

Meryn and Beth have been summoned by Beth’s uncle and council elder, Magnus Rioux to the vampire’s pillar city of Noctem Falls. Meryn in a city of vampires, what could go wrong? Aiden and Gavriel are about to find out.

Eva Mae Miller has been around for a long time. But never in all of her centuries has she ever had to turn to vampires for sanctuary. But when whole paranormal families begin disappearing in her quiet Texas suburb, Eva knows that it’s time to set her pride aside and join the other refugees heading to Noctem Falls for protection.

Adriel Aristaios doesn’t know what to make of the small human his commander is mated to. Bethy assures him that Meryn is sane, but he’s not so sure. Magnus had to be out of his mind bringing a pregnant human and accident-prone Bethy back to the City of the Night, just as things are about to get ugly. To complicate matters Adriel is pretty sure the sassy, blonde shifter is his mate. How can he possibly do his duty and protect their Prince, when he has not only his commander’s mate and little Bethy to guard, but also the woman who has stolen his heart.

When racial tensions threaten to boil over and sink the city in chaos, Adriel surprisingly finds himself relying on wacky little Meryn and his mate to help keep things from turning violent. But as more information comes to light, it’s clear that someone is out to destroy his city. The question is will they find them in time?

Title: My Guardian
Author: Alanea Alder
Publication Date: June 21st, 2016
Shelves: Fiction; Romance; Paranormal;
Format: Kindle (224 pages)
Rating: 8/10

First of all, let me tell you how this review is written: after reading all 10 books in a row because I couldn’t help myself to take a break and write the review, I re started reading them again, one by one so I can write this. Crazy? NO!! that is just my excuse to re-read this series as much as I can.

I was so angry after I finished the 10th book when I figured it out that I stopped right down the middle when things got more and more exciting and I really need the next one like half a year ago! From what I can tell, based on the structure that the author is releasing these books, many another 10 books on the way??? Well that makes one like me a very happy person.

I started reading the “Bewitched and Bewildered” series when I was in a hunt to read some very hilarious books, and in every single thread somebody mentioned Alanea Alder’s books. Just let me tell you that they made me laugh out loud, got banned from reading them at night because my husband would lose his sleep from my laughter! Or ship me to another room and be quiet!!!

Kind warning:
During my time making this review I have noticed that there are 2 sides of fans for the series: 1 part of which I am also an active participant which absolutely loved the books and find it hilarious and the 2nd part which gives reviews with words like immature, ridiculous and couldn’t even finish the first book to find out more that happens during the series. Well, I don’t blame which side you are, everyone is entitled to an opinion!

From my point of view, the story is so clever written that I absolutely am in love with every little detail. It is one of my all-time favorite series and can’t wait to see what happens next!
If you are a reader who prefers only books with a reality check and hates the dose of silliness written all over, I don’t think this book is for you. Usually when I read books, I borrow all it has to offer, so for me, personally, I loved being part of that world, and actually did not mind that much the down parts that maybe someone would categorize these series as a DNF (insta-love for instance or too much “Doctor Who” references).

My Guardian is the story of Adrien Aristaios and Eva Mae Miller.

When Meryn and Beth are invited to go to Noctem Falls to help Prince Magnus they soon find things that are very disturbing and agree to help out. The Vampire city is so old fashioned, and their people are not that open-minded as they hoped. All goes south when the city opens their gates to a wolf pack that are on the run. In this pack Adriel, the vampire unit warrior finds his mare, a tiger shifter.

“Eva swung her legs over the side of her cot and stood up. Meryn did the same and now Eva was the one staring. “Where’s the rest of you?”

Meryn crossed her arms. “Somewhere between ‘fuck’ and ‘you’, I think.”

Eva chuckled. “I like you.”
More questions arise along the way, when we find out that Adriel is related to Gavriel.
“You can’t adopt people like kittens! Aiden growled.
‘I wouldn’t know; someone wouldn’t let me get a kitten’, Meryn retorted.
‘Fine, you can have a kitten, no people’
‘Too late”
Meryn is very close to solving issues in the Vampire city, but also finds the twin witches Nigel and Neil, who she will soon adopt as her new brothers, her baby “Keelans”.
“They’re mine; I adopted them’ Meryn declared cheerfully”

In addition to all the crazy happening around Meryn, I enjoyed in My Guardian the change of the city where the action is held and I’m happy to find out that all the cities among this fantasy world will come in the next books in this series.

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