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Apr 022019

My Champion (Bewitched and Bewildered #7) by Alanea Alder

Declan Lionhart has been running interference between the Founding Families and the citizens of Noctem Falls since the day he arrived in the city. His hopes of being a simple unit warrior crumbles in the face of their troubles and it looks like he will always be bound by his family’s political legacy. But with current tensions skyrocketing to unimaginable levels, Declan’s laid back persona and easy smile are needed now more than ever.

Kari Delaney has finally achieved everything she’s ever wanted. The business she created from scratch is booming and she has her dream custom built condo in the heart of the small town where she was raised. But all that changes the day she gets her evacuation notice.

Despite being a vampire, Kari hates Noctem Falls and the politics that permeates every aspect of life within the city. Under protest she and her younger brother leave for the City of the Night.

Declan is smitten with his little general and the strength she exudes. But when it’s just the two of them he begins to break down her carefully constructed walls and shows her that even though he’s easy going, he is still an Alpha, and his lion is demanding her heart.

When the entire city erupts into chaos with matings being dissolved and Founding Families making alliances, Declan realizes it will take every trick he learned at his father’s knee to maneuver through the murky political waters swirling around them. Both he and his mate race against time to keep the people of the city safe, despite homesick children, disastrous dinners, Meryn’s wacky revenge plans and an unexpected pairing.

Title: My Champion
Author: Alanea Alder
Publication Date: December 27th, 2016
Shelves: Fiction; Romance; Paranormal;
Format My Champion: Kindle (243 pages)
Rating: 8/10

First of all, let me tell you how this review is written: after reading all 10 books in a row because I couldn’t help myself to take a break and write the review, I re started reading them again, one by one so I can write this. Crazy? NO!! that is just my excuse to re-read this series as much as I can.

I was so angry after I finished the 10th book when I figured it out that I stopped right down the middle when things got more and more exciting and I really need the next one like half a year ago! From what I can tell, based on the structure that the author is releasing these books, many another 10 books on the way??? Well that makes one like me a very happy person.

I started reading the “Bewitched and Bewildered” series when I was in a hunt to read some very hilarious books, and in every single thread somebody mentioned Alanea Alder’s books. Just let me tell you that they made me laugh out loud, got banned from reading them at night because my husband would lose his sleep from my laughter! Or ship me to another room and be quiet!!!

During my time making this review I have noticed that there are 2 sides of fans for the series: 1 part of which I am also an active participant which absolutely loved the books and find it hilarious and the 2nd part which gives reviews with words like immature, ridiculous and couldn’t even finish the first book to find out more that happens during the series. Well, I don’t blame which side you are, everyone is entitled to an opinion!

From my point of view, the story is so clever written that I absolutely am in love with every little detail. It is one of my all-time favorite series and can’t wait to see what happens next!
If you are a reader who prefers only books with a reality check and hates the dose of silliness written all over, I don’t think this book is for you. Usually when I read books, I borrow all it has to offer, so for me, personally, I loved being part of that world, and actually did not mind that much the down parts that maybe someone would categorize these series as a DNF (insta-love for instance or too much “Doctor Who” references).

My Champion is the story of Declan Lionheart, the second in command unit warrior and Kari Delaney, a vampire who has lived outside Noctem Falls.

Declan’s family is very well known in the paranormal world and soon would be getting more responsibilities in the city, helping Magnus. Kari is a successful personal assistant trainer who will also help Magnus with his duties. Her adopted brother, Avery, who also find his mate with the unit warrior Warrick, becomes the secretary for the office.

Thanks to Meryn’s battle tactics, she foresees some issues in the command line, and asks Kari to bring along her security unit. A lot of these things become handy when the evil meddles.

“Kari laughed when she heard Meryn. “Now I that have minions and mercenaries, I can take over the world.”
Aiden looked down at his mate, a terrified look on his face.”

On a personal note, I loved how everyone is gravitating around Meryn, just because I liked her so much from the beginning. I am aware that she is the main character of this series, and I’m happy to partake on discovering how she’ll rule their world. Every new couple will place a key member in the battle that is soon to come, so you just have to hang around and see how the pieces fit together. Let’s just say that along with Kari comes Law, a witch that knows more to Meryn, but raises more questions to us.

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