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Dec 142019

Mr. Perfect (Mister #1) by J.A. Huss

Ellie is the “ridiculous” girl in the office. You know the one. She’s smart, funny, pretty, popular, perky, and… what does she do again?

Oh, yeah. Ellie is the “celebrity concierge” at Stonewall Entertainment. And she’s good at it. Damn. Good at it. On most days.

Just… not the day her new boss, McAllister Stonewall, shows up and catches her secretly sexting in his debut executive meeting.

Hilarity ensues and, well, let the sexy-times roll.

On the outside Mac seems to have it all. He’s Mr. Perfect in just about every way that counts. Rich, handsome, capable, smart, and can you say… ALPHA?

But he’s hiding something and Ellie will soon find out… there’s no such thing as perfect.

All books in this USA Today bestselling series:

1 – Mr. Perfect

2 – Mr. Romantic

3 – Mr. Corporate

4 – Mr. Mysterious

5 – Mr. Match

6 – Mr. Five

7 – Mr & Mrs

Title: Mr. Perfect (Mister #1)
Author: JA Huss
Publication Date: April 27th, 2016
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (308 pages)
Rating: 10/10

I came across Mr. Perfect because I was looking for a series to binge read and thankfully, here it is! This is not my first book of JA Huss and it sure won’t be my last.

Ellie Hatcher works at Stonewall Entertainment as a celebrity consultant. For 7 years she has done a very good job, many of those celebrities becoming sort of friends now. She plans on changing her career and when she gives her 2 weeks’ notice, a new boss is coming at her workplace.

Here’s the catch… The new boss is McAllister Stonewall aka Mac aka Mr. Perfect. She is texting his brother without knowing he is the one currently owning his phone. Let’s say the meeting where they find out who sends and who receives them is a blast!

“Heath: I can make arrangements for the hot brother to get you off with his vibrating phone if you want.
Ellie: Oh, my God, Heath. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think you were getting my messages.
McAllister’s phone vibrates again, and I look straight at him this time.
No. No. No. No. This is not possible.
Heath: He isn’t. I am.
McAllister looks straight at me and he winks. “Message received, Ellie.”

Ellie is fun and unpredictable while trying to fight the attraction between them. It’s one of my go-to office romance books, especially since there is a whole plot developing during the series. I love it when I come to find such lovely series.

Mac aka Mr. Perfect is one of the Mr. from a well know “crew” along with Mr. Romantic, Mr. Corporate, Mr. Mysterious and Mr. Match. The 6th book finished the story with Mr. & Mrs. And we can finally find out how the story ends. It was very well written to ensure the reader has a great experience.

Six book series where each of the Misters are connected to a single event in the past. This series is sort of following the kids of the Rook and Ronin Series, but I have read it before figuring this out.

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