Book Review Make Your Move by J. Bree

Feb 232020

Make Your Move (Hannaford Prep #2) by J. Bree

I’ve won over the queen of the school but now her brother hates me and he’s out for my blood. He thinks I’m a spy, he thinks I’ve aligned myself with the sociopath drug addict who walks the halls with murder on his mind.

Every choice I make is being watched, there are more eyes on me than the privileged guys who want me gone.

If I survive the halls of Hannaford Prep I still have to face the Jackal.

The game is only just beginning and now I need to make my move.

Title: Mave Your Move (Hannaford Prep #2)
Author: J. Bree
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (320 pages)
Rating: 10/10

Finally, we have some action in this book, but still PGish. I love how well written this series is, and the character development is great.

Lips is slowly showing who she is. Hannaford Prep is not read for the Wolf.

When Avery Beaumont realized that Lips is more to what she shows, they call a truce and agree to become friends. Little by little, secret by secret, they become best friends and soon family.

I loved the dynamic of the group, and how the guys fit around the girls. Avery is still the “boss” of them, but how she manages them is quite the show.

Ash, Blaise and Harley soon show feelings toward Lips, but she’s a bit clueless and still a virgin.

I loved every page. I don’t know if there were any errors, because the plot is so catchy that you read and read and devour the book.

Some readers say it’s a dark romance, but since it involves gangs and drugs and murders, I get the dark part, but until reading that it wouldn’t cross my mind to recommend it as dark. Yes, all of the have dark past and it will be mentions, but explicit scenes are missing.

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