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Jan 292019
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Title: Mai Tai’d Up
Author: Alice Clayton
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2014
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Laugh-out-loud
Format: Kindle (272 pages)
Rating: 9/10

This is the forth book of the Cocktail series, and tells the story of former beauty queen Chloe, Clark’s cousin. She dodged a bullet when she ran during her wedding day, because she did not feel that she was in love with the man of the hour. Chloe Patterson ends up in her father’s house in Monterey, since he is the only one who supports her decision to not marry the successful attorney and understand her reasons.

“I want it all. I want all encompassing, knock your socks off, can’t live without you, can’t be in a room without wanting you naked, love.”

During her beauty pageants, she starts volunteering at dog shelters, and she is still doing it even though her mother and her almost husband don’t understand her passion and love for them. She is in the process of starting a Pitbull dog shelter for the ones who are used in fights and it is only natural that she meets the local veterinarian, Lucas Campbell, son of the owner of the Clinic in town.
Considering her shelter is at her house, and soon dogs start coming in, Lucas volunteers to help and they soon spend more time together. They become friends and start sharing their life stories, but Chloe finds herself in an odd situation considering Lucas was left at the alter by the woman he loved.

Could two rebounds cancel each other out? Or would they be double disaster?

I enjoy all Alice Clayton’s books, especially when they come a bit slow on the romance part, because I am an ultimate fan of slowburn romances, so it’s natural I don’t mind it a bit.

“Don’t you see that I’m trying to do exactly that? How in the world can I grow up if I continue to do as I’m told, smiling and nodding like some pretty robot? What kind of a life is that?”

“Mai Tai’d Up” is the forth book of the Cocktail series. Below you can find the reading order.



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