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Jan 292019
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Title: Last Call
Author: Alice Clayton
Publication Date: January 6th, 2015
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Laugh-out-loud
Format: Kindle (135 pages)
Rating: 9/10

I recommend reading this book after “Mai Tai’d Up” because there are some spoilers on other couples that you might want to read last. Since this is the last book, it made me sad to say goodbye to the series because I really enjoyed it and it is one of my most funny reads.

If you loved the characters in this series, this is a nice wrap up for them. We find out the happily ever after for Caroline and Simon, and some interesting life situations for Clive.
Marriages, babies, cat lovers, everything is great. Especially when we see some real life struggles for our lovely couple.

Make sure to have this series read. Alice Clayton has some other series that are not to be ignored.



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Last Call


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