Book Review Krish by N.J. Bhogayta

Jan 112021

Krish (Krish #1) by N.J. Bhogayta

“A dark and seductive love story, Krish weaves revenge with romance in a hypnotic waltz.”

When Nicole Hill lands a new client, the captivating yet disturbing Raphael De’Angelo, her life takes a dangerous turn. In the blink of an eye, he destroys everything Nicole holds dear.
Nicole refuses to go down without a fight and vows to make De’Angelo pay. However, De’Angelo is far more powerful than Nicole imagines.
The more Nicole craves revenge, the closer she draws to the deceptive De’Angelo, and the more peril she courts. Soon it may become impossible to escape De’Angelo’s irresistibly seductive web…

Hana’s Review:

Interesting read! I really like the story line – enemies-to-lovers, billionaire romance -all those yummy tropes. It was a slow burn but definitely got steamy.

I liked Nicole – heart broken and scarred, yet strong and indomitable. Dedicated to her work and loyal to her friends. Raphael took a little bit for me to like, I’ll admit. At first, he was the alpha male I hated (like Nicole did!) Overbearing, smirky know-it-all billionaire that I wanted to box in the mouth! But I was in it. I wanted to see what happened. I wanted to see how hot and cold it could be between the two. I wanted to see the characters evolve and take shape. I was invested in all the friendships and relationships introduced in the first-in-series book by this new-to-me author.

I enjoyed the back-and-forth a little but there were definitely times I wanted to shake them both and yell “COMMUNICATE! USE YOUR WORDS! STOP JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS!!” I’d like to think that my level of frustration was indicative of my investment of these characters and my hope that they’d get their heads outta their *bleeps* and figure it out!

The twists and turns kept me hooked and then left me dangling with the cliffhanger ending! If those aren’t your thing, you might not be too happy about this. All in all, this was definitely a good read if you can push through the extended hot/cold parts of the book.

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