Book Review Kade’s Game by CM Owens

Apr 072019

Kade’s Game (The Sterling Shore Series 1.5) by CM Owens

We never go after what we want without circling around it at least a hundred times. Instead, we play games, try to work just the right angle, even when it’s not necessary.

You’ve heard Raya’s version, and now it’s Kade’s turn.

He had everything mapped out. His life was a series of strategy and games, all of which he was mastering. And then Raya Capperton invaded his life at a moment when he refused to be distracted. The animosity between them boiled over at first, but the second Kade started falling, he fell hard. But Kade has never been accused of doing things the easy way.

Title: Kade’s Game
Author: CM Owens
Publication Date: August 17th, 2014
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (215 pages)
Rating: 10/10

Kade’s Game is the POV version of Kade Colton, from Hooked on the Game. This is the only case in which we’ll have two books for one story, because from now on, the rest of the series will have dual POV. I love it, but I wouldn’t mind reading more of CM Owens’ books, since she’s one of my favorite authors.

As you already now the story, this book comes with more information on the actual facts seen from Kade’s POV. We also get new discussions with other characters, more information on what’s inside his father’s head and how he dealt with after learning about Raya’s secret. Because I have already finished the series at this time, when I am writing this, I get excited with the small introductions from the couples that are coming soon:

Dane Sterling – we’ve already met. (Book 3)
Ted Masters – book 2. Fun fact, Raya joked he’ll be getting married next, and that’s a safe bet.
Wren and Erica, which are getting married. Wren will have his own story.
Rain – she gets a small introduction at the end of the book. She’s with Dane in book 3.

As a side note, the whole series will focus on Rain and her Sterling boys. I love how Cm Owens made Raya and Kade as an introduction before the rest of the guys, and they will also close the series with their wedding. The last book of the series will come in 2019.

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