Book Review Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae

Jun 132021

Hidden Wings (Hidden Wings Series #1) by Cameo Renae

Seventeen is a life changing age for Emma Wise. As her family’s sole survivor in a car crash, she is left with a broken arm, and a few scrapes and bruises. But these are only outward marks; inside, her heart is broken and the pieces scattered.

Whisked away to Alaska, to an aunt she’s never met, Emma starts over. Secrets unveil themselves and now… she doesn’t even know who or what she is.

A centuries-old prophecy places Emma in the heart of danger. Creatures of horrifying and evil proportions are after her, and it will take Emma, her aunt, and six, gorgeously, captivating Guardians to keep her safe. But, if she can survive until her 18th birthday… things will change.

This author is new to me and I am attending BABE 2023 so I am finding my way through the attending authors list.

I love paranormal, but to be honest I haven’t read a lot on Fallen Angels and demons. Or Nephilim. This is a nice change.

Emma is into a bad accident where she survives, but her parent don’t. She is in the hospital where she finds out she has an aunt willing to take her until she’s 18. Just 1 year short of taking care of herself, but her life is now changed for good.

She is grieving her parents and soon find herself into a different world of paranormal beings and she needs to learn her place there.

The book is written in 1st person, so that was a great plus for me.

The first book is just laying down the details of their world, a place where we find out at the same time Emma does. There is a lot of action there, so you won’t get bored with too much details.

I liked it. It has many good reviews and I will continue the story by reading the rest of the series.

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