Book Review Gypsy Freak by Kristy Cunning

Jan 292019

Gypsy Freak by Kristy Cunning

What’s it like to be a monster in a town full of monsters, who don’t know you’re a monster?
Complicated and a little scary, but doable.

What’s it like to be the girl who can’t die…that everyone seems to always want to kill?
Frustrating as hell.

What’s it like to accidentally raise psychotic alpha vampire everyone fears, who drops a lot of bodies on his first day out as a ‘gift’ for your troubles?
Terrifying, if I’m being honest.

What’s it like when that crazed vampire tells you he wants you to be the happy little intermission, during an ongoing ancient story, and expects you to use your vagina to draw in a werewolf alpha, a Van Helsing alpha, and a sexual deviant alpha, so he can have his old friends back?
That’s when a girl has to stop, look around, and question her life choices.

I really don’t know how this stuff keeps happening to me. Life was simpler when it was just me accidentally blowing myself up while trying to create potions and shampoo.

I’ve lived my life in such secrecy that I’ve spent most of it lonely. So lonely, in fact, that my best friend is a delusional ghost. I’d rather focus on her than all the crazy things happening in my life at current. Ever since coming to this town, I’ve had my throat slit by vampires, attracted way too much attention from some powerful alphas, and did a lot of regrettably stupid things because…I’m too gullible for shady monsters.

To them, I’m the fool.
To them, I’m the naive girl in over my head.
To them, I’m the pawn on a worn chessboard, while the seasoned players knock me around.

Meanwhile, I’m still left to figure it all out on my own, because, just like me, no one wants to share their secrets.

**Reverse Harem
**Sexual Content
**Cannot be read as a stand-alone (Gypsy Blood is book 1.)
**Language warning

Title: Gypsy Freak
Author: Kristy Cunning (pen name for C.M. Owens)
Publication Date: January 4th, 2019
Shelves: Fictional; Romance; Reverse Harem;
Format: Kindle (270 pages)
Rating: 10/10

The 3 weeks wait for this book to come out have been very frustrating, but the fact that I enjoy this series so much is totally worth the wait.

After we’ve met most of the characters in the first book, we are desperate to find out more and understand who is who and most important WHY?

Violet is one complicated woman who likes to surprise everyone, and mostly does this with little effort. This is just my kind of woman!! I really enjoy that the sexual contact of this book is not that important and is treated really well, so if you want a scene where everyone’s there doing “the sex” this is not the book to happen. At least so far.

I enjoyed each character and the time they spent with each one of the guys and got to know them pretty well, but considering this is a series in which they develop as it goes, you will start to have more questions regarding the secrets they seem to keep. I very much like it that this is keeping me in line and with my breath catching every time something happens and I did not foresee that.

I love it when people in books fight their attraction for the main characters and the guys will experience some of this, more than Violet.

Here is the Gypsy song that might answer some of your questions, but keep in mind that there will be more:
“The song of a Gypsy’s Pride:

The tea leaves warned of blood and death.

Four gypsy first-borns breathed the last breath.

War! War! Beyond the double-dutch doors!

Sing, sweet gypsies, who will be mistaken no more.

Six gypsy families all stood nigh.

Five gypsy families for one sacrifice.

Four gypsy families broken apart.

Three gypsy families turned cold of heart.

Two gypsy families couldn’t back down.

One gypsy family went underground.

Forever is such a long time to bleed.

Worst are the gypsies brought to their knees.

Sing, gypsies, sing of your lies.

Never trust a gypsy with no gypsy pride.

Sing, gypsies, sing of your truths.

The apples have all rotted; the oranges just bruised.”

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“Gypsy Freak” is the second book of the “All the Pretty Monsters” series. You can find the reading order here

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