Book Review Flirting with the Frenemy by Pippa Grant

Mar 052019

Flirting with the Frenemy (Bro Code #1) by Pippa Grant

Mission: Survive my best friend’s wedding, where I must play nice with my ex and his perfect new girlfriend.

Strategy: Bring the hottest fake boyfriend on the planet.

Target: Grady Rock. Master Baker. Dimples. Muscles. The unicorn of fake boyfriends.

Complication: Wyatt Morgan. My brother’s best friend. My sworn enemy. Military man. Sexy as hell single dad. The man I let into my panties for one night of hot hate sex after my ex dumped me before my life fell apart.

And the man who just scared off that perfect fake boyfriend.

By pretending to be my real boyfriend.

I can roll with this though. What’s the harm in Flirting with the Frenemy if it helps me get the job done?

Complete my mission and move on.

Or so I thought.

Until Wyatt kisses me again and I start feeling things I shouldn’t.

The thing about weddings…nothing ever goes as planned.

Flirting with the Frenemy is a rollicking fun romantic comedy featuring a single dad military man, an irritatingly attractive blast from his past, pirates, cursing parrots, and a wedding gone wild. It stands alone with no cheating or cliffhangers.

Title: Flirting with the Frenemy (Bro Code, #1) by Pippa Grant
Author: Pippa Grant
Publication Date: March 1st, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Enemies to lovers;
Format: Kindle (pages)
Rating: 8/10

Ladies, this book has a bit of everything: enemies to lovers, the brother’s best friend aaaaand hot single dad! Oh, and adorable little kid and a strong heroine. Furthermore, this is the best part of a brand-new series by Pippa Grant.

Flirting with the Frenemy was one hell of a fantastic ride and often I found myself laughing my cheeks off with such hilarious situations.

Ellie Ryder is a strong woman who has always been trying to keep up with her brother’s band. Everything they did, she had to do better, otherwise Wyatt would be there to give her crap. So, she pushed and pushed to be better. Wyatt is Beck Ryder’s best friend and has always been in Ellie’s life, but their relationship always went on between annoying each other or pushing until they break.

“Ellie Ryder and me?

We mix as well as water and lava.”

This Christmas however, Ellie gets dumped and Wyatt has troubles with work and his ex-wife’s divorce, with a kid he wants to spend more time with. They end up together, but soon Wyatt realizes what happened and feels sorry for what has done? But Ellie runs away and gets hip by a drunk driver.
Que 6 months after and they both find themselves in Beck’s summer house, with Tucker joining them. I love it how Beck orchestrated them being together, because he knew Ellie was shutting down and he wanted Wyatt to push her buttons.

Ellie’s best friend is getting married to her ex’s brother, thus she has to ask a friend to be her date, but Wyatt ruins her plans, so he’s the new boyfriend.

“I haven’t laughed this much in ages. And all it took was learning not to hate Wyatt. Who knew?”

Little by little they star to give in to the attraction between them, but every time they do, somebody gets hurt. These are some funny situations that will make you lose your tummy. Nevertheless, they realize they have feeling for each other, and probably had since they were little, masked by “boy pulls girl’s hair” things, but Ellie gets spooked when the house almost burnt down, and she needs Wyatt less than Tucker, so she backs away.
The next book in the series is Beck’s and I cannot wait to read it! I predict a very funny story there! America’s Geekheart is coming soon in 2019!

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