Book Review Eight Seconds To Fly by Grace McGinty

Aug 182020

Eight Seconds To Fly by Grace McGinty

Tessa May Everett had grown up loving four things in life; bull riding, her father and her best frenemies, Branch and Beau.
But in less than eight seconds, she’d lost all four things and the single most important person in her life.

Four years later, Tessa May is back and ready to reclaim her dreams. She was going to be the first woman to compete on the professional bull riding circuit, and nothing was going to stop her. Not the Boys Club that already held her to a different standard. Not the other riders who looked at her with barely veiled contempt. And certainly not the reappearance of her former crushes and now rivals.

With her best friend Frankie at her side, Tessa May was going to do what she’d dreamed of since she was a little girl; ride rank bulls in front of cheering crowds.

And if she happened to ride a few cowboys on the way? Even better.

*Warning* This book may contain strong themes that some readers find disturbing or confronting and reader discretion is advised. This is a reverse harem romance, with swearing and a considerable amount of steam.

I brought this book on a whim. I was just browsing the recs on book groups and someone recommended this one. It’s reverse harem, it’s a standalone and it was supposed to be good.


O M G!!!! I loved it. I didn’t even read the blurb, so if you like RH and love some cowboys, please go in blind. It will be worth it, I promise. I started the book well into the evening and did not sleep until it was finished.

Grace McGinty is a new author to me, but she will be read, I can tell you this. I have sitting in my kindle my next read from her, because I am hooked.

For those who want to know more, here it is:

Tessa May Everett is your tomboy. She grew up on a farm, with a father who breeds bulls and friends who ride them. But since she’s a girl, she was told she isn’t suitable to ride. No girls allowed. So being a stubborn young lady, she has her dream and made it happen.

It wasn’t a slow and steady ride, she had to pass a lot of drama and haters who did not want her there, but after some years and her past coming to bite her back, Dylan, Frankie, Beau and Branch became her rock.

Let me tell you, they are a mix you don’t want to pass.

Everything about this book was perfect. I freaking loved every minute of it. And trust me, I’m picky.

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