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Aug 252021

Declan (Soulless Bastards MC No Cal Chapter #1) by Erin Trejo

Being born into the club life, I knew my place.
I knew what was expected of me at a young age.
One fatal mistake, one unforgetable night changed me.
Then she showed up at my clubhouse on a dare.
When she kept coming back, I knew there was a reason.
She was going to be mine whether she knew it or not.
Until my past rears it’s ugly head and threatens to rip us apart.

I was in the mood for an MC book for quite a while and saw in a book group that people recommended Erin Trejo.

Of course, I jumped right into it and got a good deal on her first 4 books for only 0.99 cents.

Declan is the son of the Prez of Declan Soulless Bastards MC and the books starts with him and his MC getting revenge on the dirty cop. What really matters here is that Declan is groomed into becoming his father’s heir and learning the hard way what that’s like. This comes at the price of the daughters of this dirty cop and them seeing their father’s murder.

Years pass, Declan becomes the VP and Brooke manages to barge in his life like no other before her.

Even though the book has over 250 pages, for me it felt like so little, and I’ve read in before bed.

I loved the characters and more so Brooke because she was something I enjoy in a female character, and she was a badass.

I plan on finishing her series because this is really a good MC world.

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