Book Review Daughter of Kaos by CM Owens

May 162019

Daughter of Kaos (The Daughter Trilogy Book 3) BLURB:

Just when they think it’s okay to be happy, fate’s cruel sense of humor strikes again, stripping them of their right. Adisia and Devin find themselves in a place where they’ve never been before, and all of Adisia’s crippling insecurities hit her harder than ever when her faith in the man she loves is lost… possibly gone forever. But Devin is one to never lose the girl he loves more than life itself, and he’s determined to find a way to prove it was never his choice to hurt her. While death lurks, betrayal sings, and the life of immortals proves to be all the more entangled.

Title: Daughter of Kaos
Author: CM Owens
Publication Date: October 26th, 2013
Shelves: Romance; Fantasy;
Format: Kindle (393 pages)
Rating: 10/10

This 3rd book was the perfect ending of the series. Even though I have Adisia being so insecure, especially for a daughter of Aphrodite, but that is only made to build up her character and compliment the plot. The entire trilogy is based on these immortals and what Gods and Goddesses they act.

We already know from the 2nd book that the plot of the story is much bigger than anticipated. There is a wicked old witch who will help the real enemy, Rhea, to try and win, but Adisia is one girl nobody shall underestimate.

CM Owens did a great job with the plot twists and all her character development, that I really enjoyed this trilogy. Her books never disappoint.

Devin is struggling to find out why he did what he did, because he cannot live without her. The fact that he is always surrounded by an Ex is so annoying! I mean, we get it, he’s old, but damn boy!

I anticipated her being pregnant from the beginning, but the fact that you anticipate it does not do any justice on how the author uses you against you. Every single thing you know, it has a hidden meaning ready to impress. This is one signature I really love about CM Owens on all her books.

If you want to really go crazy on your theories war, check out her Kristy Cunning Pen name and see her Reverse Harem stories! They’re impressive.

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