Book Review Daughter of Asteria by CM Owens

May 162019

Daughter of Asteria (The Daughter Trilogy Book 2) BLURB:

After having destroyed the world, Adisia wakes up unaware and disturbed by the sense she’s forgetting something. The problem is, she’s replaying everything… just in a different way. As soon as her mind catches up and brings her back to the danger still after them, several new disasters occur, each leading Devin to worry about the safety of his only love. With time against them, no one is willing to risk a repeat of the last encounter they had with Safina. Everyone goes all in to prepare, but will it be enough this time? Along the way, Adisia still struggles with her inability to trust the man she loves. It only gets worse in the small world of immortals where Devin is a known womanizer. Then comes a new face, one claiming Adisia is destined to be his, causing Devin’s jealousy to surface for a change. Love’s never easy for an Aphrodite, cursed by beauty, destroyed by the ones she trusts the most.

Title: Daughter of Asteria
Author: CM Owens
Publication Date: October 6th, 2013
Shelves: Romance; Paranormal;
Format: Kindle (354 pages)
Rating: 10/10

As I have said and will say many, many times, I love CM Owens’ books. She is one of my favorite authors and continues to blow my mind every single time.

Daughter of Asteria is the second book of the Daughters Trilogy and things happen all over again. As we know from the previous book, Adisia has managed to become too powerful and her powers will consume the world. But, like a super goddess, she manages to rewind time.

So, this is yet again, a new book but slightly different. And since only Adisia can remember her doing, she wishes to change the outcome.

It was mind-blowing to see how things happen all over again. We already know each character but now the enemies are in the dark.

I love how every time Adisia can impress everyone as she develops her powers, and it frustrated me how long it took for her to become immortal again.

The ending gives us more of the things that were prophesied and how she is the main target for the war that will come.

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