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Jan 282021

Dark Reign (The Bennett Duet #2) by Xavier Neal

I am going to restore my reign over both worlds.
First, with a pen.
Next, with a knife.
Remind them who sits on the throne of this concrete jungle.
Repair the structure that was shattered when my Mia Bella was stolen from me.
Revenge will be had.
Restitution received.
And for me to reestablish order, I will do whatever is necessary.
For there is no cost that is too great.
For there is no distance that is too vast.
For there is no sacrifice that is too sizeable.
I am a different man because of the only woman I’ll ever love.
And that man is more dangerous than anyone could’ve ever predicted.

Kassie’s Review:

This follow-up to Dark Ruler was phenomenal. We left off on a big cliff-hanger at the end of Dark Ruler and I love how it’s picked up in Dark Reign.

This duet series was intense with the emotional and sexual relationship between Benicio and Chantal, the traumas, and the mafia way of handling things. The story definitely kept me on my toes.

I enjoyed the character developments we see from Benicio, Chantal, and Miko in such a short span of time when you really think about it. We have some tension between our main characters and we get to see how that plays out.

I adore the relationship Chantal has with Benicio’s mom. She takes Chantal under her wing and we get to see how happy she is living her life now that she is free of the Bennett name. We also get to find out how truly loyal and sacrificial Miko is in this book.

I’d love to read a spin-off for Miko especially with the ending and epilogue that we get. I’d recommend the Bennett Duet for anyone who’s interested in a dark mafia romance.

Camelia’s Review:

After the end of book 1 and that cliffhanger I was dying to know what happens. I was glad I picked this book and you’ll love the twists and turns.

After the things that happened to Chantal, she will show her stronger side which I loved. This may come as a trigger warning, but trust me when I say the author writes the angst of Chantal’s kidnapping perfectly and keep in mind this is a DARK romance so if you’re in doubt, you have been warned.

Beni will turn the world upside down in order to find his woman, his queen. He will have to gather up the strength and find whoever took her and seek retribution. He will be patient and will be whatever Chantal needs.

The story has a HEA and you’ll not be disappointed.


Hana’s Review:

Have I told you lately that I love… Beni and Chantal? Because I do. I most assuredly do. I fell for them in Dark Ruler and my heart was broken at the end, on that epic cliffhanger, as I waited to see what would happen next.

And I’m so happy I finally finished. I will admit that the first part of the book was a little difficult for me mostly because I am so in love and invested that it was hard for me to watch the pain and anger and fear.

However, when the tide turns and the sun shines, it’s so glorious and sexy and happy and it’s everything I want to see in these incredibly strong, in love, and soul-beautiful characters. The steam is off the charts and the love made my heart ache. When it did get dark, all I could do was root for these characters and their happily ever after.

Real talk – do we get Miko’s story or not?! Because I need the details on what that looks like!!!

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