Book Review Crimes of Cupidity by Raven Kennedy

Oct 032019

Crimes of Cupidity (Heart Hassle #3) by Raven Kennedy

What do you get when you have four mates, one psychotic prince, a horde of rebels, and a cupid who just got yanked out of the realm?

A big freaking problem, that’s what.

I was supposed to take on my first real mission as a spy. I was supposed to go find my missing mate and discover who our real allies are for the war that’s brewing in the fae realm.

Instead, I’m thrown back to where I was first created. Cupidville. And, judging by the look I’m getting from the Head of all Cupidity, and the big Terminate button that he’s holding, this problem is about to get much worse.

The thing is, I’m more of a lover than a fighter, but when it has to do with staying with my mates, this cupid might just cut a bitch. I’ve waited my entire existence to find love, and now that I have it, I’m not going to give it up without a fight.

Author’s note: This is the third book of the Heart Hassle Series. This is a reverse harem story and includes sexually explicit scenes and mature language. Intended for ages 18 years and older.

Title: Crimes of Cupidity (Heart Hassle #3)
Author: Raven Kennedy
Publication Date: January 31st, 2019
Shelves: Romance; Paranormal;
Format: Kindle (346 pages)
Rating: 9/10

It’s me, it’s probably me, because I disconnected a bit with the final book. I love myself a chatty heroine, but not during sexy time with not so sexy comments! Also, my problem with books like this is that the final BIG battle is rushed.

BUT, all in all, I had fun during this series. The first book got me so excited, I really raised my bars so high for an epic ending, and probably that is why I feel this way.

The story was interesting enough with plot twists that you could not even imagine since I had not time to dig in and see where all the new findings take me.

And yeah, taking aside my bit of disappointment, this series was hilarious, the books really have funny situations where you find yourself laughing out loud.

So, in this book you’ll finally find out what happens when she got yanked back into Cupidville, how the guys managed to survive without her and what happens to her lamassu mate. Ronak, Evert and Sylred are still lovely, scary pussycats for others while the world might come to the final battle.

I am happy to know that Raven Kennedy has released other books into the world of Cupidville.

Signs of Cupidity

Bonds of Cupidity

Crimes of Cupidity

For the Love of Cupidity

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