Book Review Conveniently Convicted by Ivy Asher

Apr 132020

Conveniently Convicted (Paranormal Prison) by Ivy Asher & Raven Kennedy

Nightmare Penitentiary is no joke. The worst of the worst in the paranormal world end up at NP, and I just got sentenced there.

For others, this might be cause for freaking the hell out. But for me, it’s a fucking relief.

You see, I’ve been sold off to the big bad asshole, Alpha Bowen—thanks mom and dad! But if they think I’m going to go quietly, or at all, they haven’t been paying attention to how I roll.

Nightmare Penitentiary is the perfect place to escape, and I’m ready. If only people would stop trying to break me out. Seriously, it’s annoying.

I’m ready to relax and serve my sentence, but then I meet the prison guard, Rook. I can’t seem to escape his heated stares, the head wobbles, or the dimples. Sweet pop rocks, the dimples!

You’re not supposed to meet the male of your dreams in prison, but tell that to fate. Too bad I’m not as out of reach from the troubles hunting me down as I thought…and now, there’s nowhere to run because, like, I got myself imprisoned. FML.

Title: Conveniently Convicted
Author: Ivy Asher & Raven Kennedy
Publication Date: March 9th, 2020
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Paranormal;
Format: Kindle (280 pages)
Rating: 10/10

I was a fan of the Prison Paranormal Series ever since I caught glimpse of it.

Just to be clear here, before reading Ivy Asher and Raven Kennedy I was NOT a fan of the less known shifters / vamps and little wolves. I don’t know why, I just refused to like it, I guess. But then I stumbled into the Pack of Misfits and Raven Kennedy changed my mind and made me cheer for a shifter duck.

So naturally, this is the first book I’ve read in this new Prison trend and I can say that I really enjoyed it. It’s an easy read, the heroine is hilarious. I found myself laughing out loud many times.

Sufficient to say, yes, it’s not your usual PNR Romance, but hot damn, did I enjoy it.

So, this one is about a very stubborn cockatrice and how she went willingly to jail to avoid her forced match.

I had a feeling on how it will end, but I kind of was pleasingly surprised to be right. But no spoilers here, hehe –

When Sinclair finally manages to get into Nightmare Penitentiary she is proven that things are not so dandy as she thought they were. Especially when another cockatrice is one of the guards there.

After that, it’s not a surprise she’s a little troublemaker but things turn out to be in her advantage.

I really really enjoyed this one and I hear good reviews about the rest of the books in this series.

Hope you enjoy!

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