Book Review Breathe by Kristen Ashley

Apr 012019

Breathe (Colorado Mountain #4) by Kristen Ashley

There’s nothing like the first time . . .

In Carnal, Colorado, Faye Goodknight is the town’s quiet, shy librarian. She may also be Carnal’s last remaining virgin. For years, Faye has had a crush on Chace Keaton, but the gorgeous cop has always been unattainable. She’s resigned to live contentedly with only her books for company-until Faye suddenly meets Chace alone in the woods . . .

Chace doesn’t think he’s the good guy everyone believes him to be. He’s made a lot of choices he regrets, including denying his feelings for Faye. Through his choices, he’s come to believe the pretty librarian is too good for him, but after their time in the woods, Chace realizes that she may be his last chance for redemption. Soon, their long simmering desires grow to a burning passion. Yet always casting a shadow over their happiness is Chace’s dark past . . .

Title: Rock Chick
Author: Kristen Ashley
Publication Date: February 1st, 2018
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Sports
Format: Kindle (493 pages)
Rating: 7/10

I love Kristen Ashley’s book, loved the Rock Chick series to death, but unfortunately, for me Breathe will not be one of my re-reads along with them.

Faye Goodknight and Chace Keaton got eyes on each other for a long time, but the town’s quiet and shy librarian is now a too good woman for the fallen man that Chace became. After his wife is murdered and he cannot find the one who did it, Chace becomes a haunted man and hated his wife, did not want her, treated her coldly, but would never want her dead, especially when his ring was on her finger.

In comes Faye, the sweet 29 years old librarian, with her nose always in a book, living a fantasy life. But what we find out of her, we find it while Chace does. They start their story when things are unfinished with the troubles in Chace’s life and that will be the reason why Faye’s life will be in danger.

We meet Ally Nightingale, who is one of Faye’s online friends. Ally saves the life of Faye when she is buried alive. Ally, Brody, Ren and Darius all appear in this book. This is the connection I’ve been looking for, before I go and finish the Rock Chick Revolution, the story of Ally Nightingale and Ren Zeno.

Faye and Chace connect on their search for a kid who appear to be having no one, and it treated very badly. The bond during their stake outs and soon things become clear that they belong together.
The reason why, for me, this book did not connect what the 29-year-old virgin, and how Chace repeatedly talks about his share of women. I mean, when I read a book, I connect with it, and I don’t like this too much. On a side note, I acknowledge this is fiction, and can overlook these kinds of details, but on a whole, this book left me wanting for more out of it.

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