Book Review Breaking Even by CM Owens

Apr 112019

Breaking Even (The Sterling Shore Series #5) by CM Owens

What happens when one neighbor pisses off the other? They end up in a brutal prank war, of course. But neither of them expects what happens when they can’t break even.

Rye Clanton

I told myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t—couldn’t—fall in love. I’ve seen what happens, the things they don’t tell you in fairytales. But I never saw Brin Waters coming until she had thoroughly invaded my life. Until her, I never laughed, joked, or even knew how to have a good time. Until her, I just existed. If my secrets weren’t so dark… But they are.

Brin Waters

How the hell do you go from hating someone to loving them? I don’t know, but Rye Clanton is good at it. However, he’s a walking contradiction that I can’t figure out, an enigma that has stumped me more times than I can count. But he’s the first person that’s ever made me feel alive—free. How do you give something like that up? Is loving him worth the risk of being destroyed?

Title: Breaking Even
Author: CM Owens
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2015
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Sports
Format: Kindle (292 pages)
Rating: 10/10

Breaking Even – you know you want to read it just as you see the title. If you want to laugh out loud from the first 2 pages of a book, well, this one’s for you! Every time one of your neighbors pisses you off, think of Brin!

We’ve met Rye Clanton before, him being friends with Tag, Wren and Ethan Noles, Rain and Tria’s cousin.

Rye and Brin, Tria’s friend, live across the street and he always parks his car on their side of the road. It’s pisses her off every day, because she is forced to take 20 minutes to get her car out, since he’s blocking her in. This breaking even war starts one morning when she confronts him, when gets angry enough to smash his poor Porsche.

It’s funny as hell to watch them fall in love in a prank war, especially when Brin has an evil mind when it comes to ideas.

When Rye can’t seem to stop seeing her, he tries to explain how he doesn’t do relationships, because he holds a dark secret that has him avoiding love at all costs.

It becomes funnier when they find out they have the same circle of friends who root for them to either date each other already or force their hands by playing matchmakers.

During this book we find out that Wren learns he is a father to a 6-year-old baby girl, named Angel. He is next in line to take front center in A Redo, while trying to build a relationship with his kid. Unfortunately, his one-night stand with his baby momma has resulted in a pregnancy and she did not know how to find him to tell him. Find out more in A Redo about Wren and Allie.

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