Book Review Bed of Nails by Nola Marie

Aug 132021

Bed of Nails (Sons of Sin Book 2) by Nola Marie

They say love is blind. But Dane and Cami are the ones with the vision problems, because everyone else can see what’s growing between these two. And it isn’t the friendship they keep claiming.

They say all drummers are a little crazy. And when it comes to my overprotective nature, my sisters, and pretty much everyone else, agrees that I parted company with rationality long ago. But I can’t help it. I need to look out for the people I care about. And surprisingly, my best friend Cami, has made the top of that list. I’m trying to rein it in, but I know what her boyfriend is doing. When I catch him, I don’t know if anyone will be able to stop my need to keep her safe.

They say most girls have a ‘type’. My type? Trouble. I’ve gone through d-bag after d-bag in my dating life, but I can honestly say, none have been as bad as my current boyfriend Travis. But they say love takes work, right? So I’ll keep trying to make things work until either Travis calls it quits or there’s nothing left to fight for. I just have to figure out why I spend every night dreaming about my best friend, Dane.

These two proclaim they’re just friends loud and proud, despite what everyone around them thinks. Until suddenly, friendship isn’t enough, and Dane and Cami see what’s been right in front of them. But when Cami’s troubles gets out of hand, will her fighting nature and Dane’s protective streak be enough to protect her from Travis.

Author’s note:
This book heavily features physical and emotional abuse. Please, before you start reading, understand you may not approve or even understand the heroine’s choices. While this is a work of fiction, unfortunately, her choices and the motivation behind them are experienced every day by abused women. Please have compassion and empathy when you read instead of judgment and criticism for her choices. But also remember, this is romance. HEA is guaranteed

Hana’s Review

4.25 stars
Rockstar romance
Friends to lovers

When I found “Bed of Nails”, I realized that I hadn’t read the first book in the #sonsofsin series so I started with “Goodbye is a Second Chance” and fell in love with all the Sons of Sin and with Nola Marie’s writing. If you haven’t read that yet, start there but then you’ll definitely need to read Dane and Cami’ story in “Bed of Nails”.

This found family is amazing – the men of the band are incredibly supportive and you can feel that they care and worry about each other. But Dane – Dane is something else. If you’re part of Dane’s circle, consider yourself loved, cared for, worried about and completely accepted. The incredible friendship that we see develop between Dane and Cami, that starts in the first book, is amazing. You can tell that there are sparks and feelings but the genuine nature of their best friendship is really incredible in and of itself. And you cannot imagine that it won’t blossom further. But Cami is in love and in a relationship, so you think maybe they’ll just be amazing friends?

What we come to find is that Cami is struggling in her relationship. She’s in an abusive relationship and we watch her, Dane and their friends and family try to navigate their way through it all and find their way to each other. They start to realize that best friends can become an incredible relationship and that their love was always there.

Cami’s strength and love – for family, for friends, for Dane – is tangible and real. Dane’s protective nature, caring attitude and sexiness leaps from the page. The story is well written and pulls you in.

You become invested not only in them but also in other characters in their world. You also have allusions to previous stories – ones I haven’t read but that I so desperately want to read now! I’m ready to know more, to read them all and can’t wait for the next books in the series.

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