Book Review Bearista by Zoe Chant

Apr 132020

Bearista (Bodyguard Shifters #1) by Zoe Chant

A tough bear shifter bodyguard undercover in a coffee shop + a curvy barista with an adorable 5-year-old + a deadly shifter assassin = a scorching thrill ride of a romance!

Tough as nails and hard as steel, Derek Ruger has spent his life in dangerous parts of the world, and has the scars (emotional and physical) to show for it. But this is his most difficult assignment yet: going undercover in a coffee shop to protect a curvy witness, who happens to be his fated mate!

Single mom Gaby Diaz is just trying to make ends meet, working as a coffee shop barista while taking night classes, caring for her 5-year-old son, and supporting her widowed mother. Then she witnesses an armed robbery, and now she’s being hunted by an assassin and protected by a hot, gruff bodyguard who just might be able to coax Gaby into opening up the heart she’s been sheltering for years.

Hot as a fresh cup of coffee, Bearista is a standalone BBW paranormal romance with a Latina heroine and a protective bear shifter hero. No cliffhangers!

Title: Bearista (Bodyguard Shifters #1)
Author: Zoe Chant
Publication Date: September 24th, 2017
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Paranormal;
Format: Kindle (148 pages)
Rating: 5/10

I was in a mood for some shifters, and although I have read and finished this one, I am not convinced I am going to continue with the series.

The story was intriguing and your fulfilled barista fantasy, but I was disappointed because he was one only for a few hours and NOTHING happened.

Leaving that behind, I tried to see what I might get, but either I was looking for something else or this did not cut it out for me.

The story was simply, Gaby being a human in an unknown shifter world finds herself in a bit of a trouble when she sees a man robbing a bank and then shift into a polar bear.

In comes Derek Ruger and as soon as he sees her, he knows she’s her mate and now he needs to protect her.

From my point of view, this was a mediocre read, and I was not attracted enough to continue reading. I guess my reason is not feeling any connection to the characters.

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