Book Review Badly Behaved by Meagan Brandy

Apr 072021

Badly Behaved by Meagan Brandy – is LIVE. AMAZON –

Title: Badly Behaved
Genre: New Adult
Model: Anthony Patamisi
I’m a Monet.
A chameleon.
I’m whatever I must be.
And what I must be is a flawless daughter, a skilled socialite, and the perfect prize to the man who signed along the dotted line.
Not that I’m complaining.
I’m all for a contractual agreement, a quick and clean catapult into the next phase of rich girl life. One that takes little thought, less effort, and zero devotion.
It’s exactly what I want.
An impassive life.
A calculated future.
Or, it was until the lights went out, darkness took over, and for the first time ever, I came alive.
But everyone knows what thrives in the night burns in the light and flames were among us.
There is no escape.
No turning back.
No ending within my control.
My mother always says our choices determine our consequences.
I hate it when she’s right.

Release date: April 7th 2021.

It is NOT a shocker that Meagan Brandy is one of my favorite authors. I rarely take ARCs these days but she was a no brainer so I signed up the second I found out.

To sum up my review in a sentence? Imagine Boys of Brayshaw and Credence by Penelope Douglas had a baby and it’s name is Badly Behaved.

This is the feeling I had throughout the book and my emotions were all over the place. It’s raw, beautifully written, with flawed characters but damn strong ones.

Jameson, as Ransom said… she is “Trouble” and he knew it from the beginning, but he has to make her feel alive. He craves it. What he didn’t know is that she will end up saving him as well.

Ransom Rossi, Arsen Agular and Beretta Keller are brothers by bond. Their strength lies within their group and they like to PLAY. When they set their eyes on Jameson, things started to shift and they included her.. she became their world and the richie rich life she’s lived and committed to… went down the road. She had her whole life mapped out, but the minute she started to feel alive, cracks begin to form.

THE ONLY thing that kept me sane reading this book was knowing it had a HEA. Honestly, I didn’t even read the blurb, just went in blind like I do when I’m reading one of my favorite authors.

A million damn stars.

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