Book Review All Hail (Queen Crow #1) by J. Bree

Apr 162021

All Hail (Queen Crow #1) by J. Bree

The death of my serial killer father was supposed to free me.
After the horrors of high school my family has reluctantly left me behind to heal from my trauma on my own terms but since my kidnapping I no longer know the girl who stares back at me in the mirror.
The love of my life is avoiding me, desperate to keep me safe, and the man who should hate me won’t stop coming to my rescue. I’ve always known what I wanted but now I’m not so sure.
But the criminal underworld of Mounts Bay never sleeps and with new players on the board there’s all new threats and the stakes have never been higher.
But one thing is for sure.
I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.
Publication Date : November 10, 2020

I am glad I waited for at least book 2 to come out, because I successfully dogged a major cliffy.

I have done my re read of Hannford Prep, read Book 5 from the guy’s POV and then started Avery’s book.

As we know Avery is the Queen. The Ice Queen. She is fierce, loves her family and would do anything to keep them safe. The action takes place just as the guys go on tour with Blaise and now Avery needs to deal with her new role, alone and with the trauma she had under the Jackal’s kidnapping.

We finally know more, and man.. the story is so complex it actually blows my mind and I feel like I’m a detective following all these threads to keep up.

With Hannaford it was “simple”… deal with the Jackal.. but now… it’s a brand new world and new key players. 2 of which Avery wants to keep.

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