Book Review Aleatory by Xavier Neal

Aug 032021

Aleatory by Xavier Neal


As in ey-lee-uh-tawr-ee.

As in an adjective.

As in a synonym for unpredictable.

As in the only word to describe making the mistake of falling for someone who is not only ten years younger than you, but your best friend’s son…

Hana’s Review

5 stars
Reverse Age Gap
Best Friend’s Son

Xavier Neal is quickly becoming one of those one-click/auto-read authors for me. Everything I’ve read, I’ve loved. And Aleatory is no exception.

Aleatory is a steamy reverse age-gap/best friend’s son romance. It is so well-written – the heroine’s banter is so witty and funny! The secondary characters and their relationships create a fully realized world you feel immersed in.

Sloan is a very successful writer and businesswoman who needs a break from life for a moment. She reaches out to her best friend, Cora and escapes to an adorable small town in Michigan. There she meets Nix, Cora’s son, and sparks fly.

Nix, at 26, is ten years younger than Sloan and though Sloan knows that’s a problem – as is the fact that he’s her best friend’s son! – chemistry can’t be helped. It did take me a minute to like Nix, I won’t lie. There were moments that he was so young, immature and I just wanted to smack him around. But Sloan set him straight and took no shit.

I loved the relationship between Sloan and Cora, and I adored Cora and her husband, Carl. Honestly, these secondary characters really helped build the story and the feel of the book. Also, I felt like I could really relate, on some level, to all the characters. The way they speak, their reactions – they felt real and honest.

I enjoyed the steaminess of this book and loved the plot and writing. I adore Neal’s stories and will continue to read them as fast as she can publish them.

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