Book Review A Redo by CM Owens

Apr 142019

A Redo (The Sterling Shore Series #6) by CM Owens

Allie Thrash

Wren Prize is the asshole who got me pregnant seven years ago. And gave me a false name. And walked out of the hotel without a backward glance. Sure, I know I wanted to have sex just as much as he did, but I didn’t want to be tossed aside like garbage the second it was done. I also wasn’t planning to get pregnant. Now, after seven years of hating the jerk, I’m living in his city, because it’s a small world and I found him by accident. Yes, I realize how crazy that must sound, but my luck is just that bad. The problem is, the Wren Prize of today is not the Wren Prize I’ve envisioned castrating all this time. And I hate that I can’t hate him the way he deserves to be hated. In fact, I’m terrified I might just be stupid enough to be falling for him.

Wren Prize

A daughter. I have a daughter. And I’ve missed over six years of her life because I decided to go for the world’s biggest jerk award. I’m supposed to be the cool-headed one, the mature one, the one everyone goes to for advice. Yet I’m the one who fucked up the most. Sadly, I don’t even remember that night. Too much fun, too much sun, and way too much booze. It’s hard to ask for a second chance when you don’t even remember the first chance you had. And every time I’m around Allie, even when she’s casting me glares that prove she wants me dead, I can’t help but wonder what that night was like. Well, what it was like before I ruined her.

Title: A Redo
Author: CM Owens
Publication Date: May 24th, 2015
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (320 pages)
Rating: 10/10

A Redo screams second chances Romance as soon as you see the title and the blurb. We’ve known Wren for a couple of books back, ever since Tagged & Ashed, so we have a background story of his life and failed marriage with Erica, his now ex-wife. Therefore, when we find out in Breaking Even that he just found out he’s a father to a baby girl named Angel, we might just brace ourselves for his spotlight story.

His baby mamma, Allie, has been raising their daughter for 6 years until she accidently found out his real name and tried to contact him.

I love how everybody gravitas among the new couples, and we find out more of the life of the Sterlings. This book is all about the journey Wren has while connecting and bonding with his daughter and her mother, eventually falling in love and starting a family.

Along Allie, comes Bella, a hilarious character that we want to bond as quickly as the Sterling will. She will have her own story in Perfectly Toxic with party boy Ethan Noles.

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