Book Review 7th Circle (Hades #1) by Tate James

Jan 102021

7th Circle (Hades Book 1) by Tate James

7th Circle is the first of a new series set in Shadow Grove. Several characters cross over to the Madison Kate series but it is not necessary to read MK’s story first. HADES is a contemporary new adult reverse harem series, which means the leading lady has several love interests and never has to choose in order to find her HEA.

Five years ago, I masterminded the infamous massacre of the Tri-state Timberwolves.

The streets outside the Wolves HQ ran red with the blood of the old guard, and not one of those members loyal to my father were spared mercy. Not a single one.

I let the media twist and distort the story. My new recruits eagerly proved themselves in spreading false news, in covering our tracks. To the general public, the Tri-State Timberwolves were extinct.

But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. We changed, we grew, we evolved and came out stronger than ever. Now, I live, eat, sleep and breathe Timberwolves. I’ll do anything to keep my empire safe and thriving. To keep the people depending on me safe.

So, what do I do, when it’s my own weakness that places us all in danger? When I let sex cloud my judgment, and my people pay the price?

Simple. Kill the distractions.

I’m called Hades for a reason, after all.

7th Circle is book ONE of FOUR. This release date will change closer to completion.

  • Publication date : January 8, 2021.

Oh man, I wanted to know who Hades is… soooo badly that as soon as the book went live, I started it.

To be honest, I love Hades more than MK is that’s possible. I also enjoy the fact that her harem has no connection to each other. Even though they know who they are, they recognize the want for her. If’s fun to know the dynamics.

Suffice to say I’ve spent the night reading it and finishing it. I was hooked. My struggles with Tate James books are the love scenes. They are too many (I can’t believe i’m saying this) but they pause the story too much sometimes and I want to know more about the plot. This is why I enjoy the hell of them in the beginning, because I love knowing the new world created, getting to know the characters and try guessing who the bad guy is.

We’ve gotten to know Cass a bit in the Madison Kate series an saw a different side of him. He is still struggling now. Zed is slowing showing his want for Hades. He is the best friend and second, the person Hades trust the most. The fact that he’s a man wh*re is well known. I really think they see each other wanting her, but they did not take into account Hades wanting the new kid, Lucas.

The first book has Hades and Lucas’s relationship development, which I find clever, because that is the catalyst that makes the other 2 act on their feelings.

Anyway, I am looking forward to book 2. I want to know more. I need to know more.

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